Recurring Appointments

Here it is, finally.  We have been talking about it for a long time with many of SimplifyThis users, but we could not finish and test it properly any sooner.  Well, finally we have deployed the much needed and sought after feature for Easy-Book : Recurring Appointments.  This is an important milestone for SimplifyThis.  This gives us the underpinnings to build several interesting solutions that are When you login the next time and book an appointment, you’ll notice a option for recurring appointment.  Select this option and you are on your way to creating a recurring appointment that occurs at a frequency that you decide.

For now, here is a brief overview of  this feature.  Subsequently I’ll make several posts on how best to use recurring appointments for your business.

To book a recurring appointment , follow the same steps as you do to book a one-time appointment.  Select the start time as the date and time of first occurrence, and  end time as the ending time of this occurrence.You’ll notice an option for recurring appointment.  Once you select this option, the booking form will expand to show you further options related to recurring appointments.

There are three choices to specify the frequency of occurrences.  You can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly options, and specify the number of times that you want this appointment to occur.  If you select daily

option, you will also need to specify the number of days between two appointments.  So, if you want a daily appointment, specify 1; or 2 if you want the appointments to occur every other day. For a week pattern,  select the weekly

option and specify the days of week that you want the appointments to occur, as well as the number of weeks between each recurring pattern.  For example, if you want appointments to occur Mondays and Wednesdays every other week, select Monday and Wednesday, and specify 2 in Every n weeks.  Similarly, for a monthly pattern, select monthly option, specify day of month when you would like the appointment to occur, and the number of months between two occurrences.

If you choose to send appointment confirmation to your clients or staff, they will receive the appointment details containing the recurrence information.  In addition, depending upon your reminder setting, they will also get reminder email for each occurrence.

The list of appointments that you see in Today

section shows you each occurrence of a recurring appointment.  Just like a one time appointment, you can cancel an individual occurrence or send reminder for an occurrence.  However, we do not have the implementation of charging for an occurrence yet – something that we’ll work on soon.   Hope you find this useful. As usual, please drop us a note about your experience with the feature.

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