Grouping and Ordering Services and Classes

A quick feature update : Now you can group your services and classes and order them within a group so that it is easier for your clients to look for them.  This also allows you to promote certain services by moving them at the top of the list. Another use is to keep the most frequently booked services at the top.  I'm sure you'll find many reasons to use this feature. Here are a few things to note while using this feature.

  1. To group and order services (or classes), go to the corresponding tab and click on the orange group icon.  You can simply order your services by moving them up and down.
  2. If you would like to group services, simply add a group and drag and drop services

    into that group. Once you have grouped your services, your client(s) will have to first select a group and then they will see the services within that group.

  3. If you have not added a group yet, all services will appear in a 'Default' group. If 'Default' is the only group that you have, your clients will not have to select a group. If you have added other groups and then you still have services that belong to 'Default', they will appear in a group called 'All Others' on your booking page.
  4. When you add a new service, you can create a new group by typing in the name in group selector. You can also add the item to an existing group by selecting the group, or you can leave the group filed blank, in which case it will be added to the 'Default' group.
  5. All new items are added to the top of their group by default.

We hope this feature will prove useful to you.  Please drop us a note if you have any suggestion or feedback.


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