Integrate Customer Account Pages to Your Website

Do you have a website? Now you can embed account pages in your website which will allow your clients to view their account history and make payments directly from your website. Not only that, you can fully blend-in these pages with the rest of your website.

Follow these simple steps to integrate customer account pages to your website.

  1. Go to Settings

    and click on Change next to Your Web Address section.

  2. Select the option for your own website. Enter the url of your website.
  3. You will notice a system generated url for account pages. Make a note of this url. You’ll be using this url for an iframe within your website.
  4. Create a page with an iframe on your website. Use the above url for this iframe. The content of the iframe will not have your logo or address, as we figure they would already be there on your web pages.
  5. If you wish to blend the iframe content with the rest of your site, click on Edit CSS in step 2.

If you had someone else develop your website, please ask them to contact us and we shall be happy to walk them through these steps.

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