Minor Improvements to Projects and Tasks

We heard several complaints (yes… complaints) that Project and Time Tracking is not very useful, as it does not show all the information needed to manage projects.  Well, we are addressing these issues with highest priority.  To start with, now you’ll notice that we have added a new column in Tasks so that you can easily which project does a task belong to.  In addition, if you hover over a task or a project, you’ll get an unintrusive pop-up providing you more information about the project or task. 

 We have several enhancements planned for projects and tasks over next few weeks.  These include:

  1. Visibility into time entries for each project/task.  Currently, you can only see the total time spent.
  2. Ability to assign staff to a task. 
  3. Ability to show projects, tasks, and time entries to your clients on a permission basis.
  4. Add project details to invoices

Please drop me a note if there are other enhancements that you would like for make to projects section. 

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