Multiple Schedules and Other New Features

Over last few months, we have released many features and made several improvements to Simplifythis. However, we forgot to write about them, since they were easily visible and so commonly used.  In November 2010, we launched packages – the capability to sell a bundle of services and classes, and for clients to book appointments by using the pre-purchased packages.  In December 2010, we provided the option to require clients to register and sign-in to book appointments. While January 2011 was fairly dull in terms of new features, there was a good reason behind it.  We had been working feverishly bring a huge update to Simplifythis with the following major new features in addition numerous bug fixes and minor updates.

  1. Multiple Schedules with Effective Dates : Ever had a situation where you needed to change business hours in future, or perhaps shift lunch break to a different time?  To accommodate these common scenarios, we have introduced a notion of schedule.  You can create multiple schedules with effective dates in future.  We have added two tabs in appointment book, availability and schedule, which give you a quick view at  availability and schedule hours for any staff for any day.  This will make your schedule management much much easier.  No more juggling of vacations and dummy appointments to block schedules.  A small paragraph cannot do justice to this feature.  Here is a more detailed post on how to effectively manage schedules.
  2. Staff Schedules: In addition to multiple  business schedules, we have also added the capability to specify separate schedule for each staff.   Just like the main business schedule, you can specify multiple schedules with future effective dates.
  3. Availability Check:

    Want to take a quick glance at who is available when?  Try the new availability tab on you appointment book. You can clearly see availability of each staff, one week at a time.  This will be of significant help in balancing schedule across multiple staff members, and quickly finding availability to schedule appointments over phone.

  4. New and Improved Slot Selection: We are sure you are going to love the new availability view and slot selection screens.  It is blazing fast, looks elegant, and shows available slots for one whole week at a time, with a quick slider to back and forth to previous and next weeks.  Your clients are going to love the simplicity of scheduling appointments with you.
  5. Appointment Visibility for Clients: Do you get interrupted by client calls asking you when their next appointment is (despite all the email confirmations !).  Well, with this update, your clients can securely sign in to view their past and future appointments, check payment status, and also cancel appointments if you set the option to do so.
  6. Staff Specific Services:

    While we all aspire to be jack of all trades ( and master of all), the reality is that not every staff can perform every service that your business offers.  With this release, you can pick who can perform what service.  When your clients select a service, they will only see those staff who can perform that service.  If you choose not to show them the list of staff, then Simplifythis will automatically assign the appointment to one of the staffs who can perform the selected service.

We believe these additions will make Simplifythis ever more useful for your business.  We have a very full schedule in coming months with even more useful product additions.  As always, feedback is welcome.  Please drop us a note and let us know what you think about these features.

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