New Feature: Allow customers to view their account

Do you often need to send duplicate copies of invoices to your customers? Well, you do not need to anymore. With the release of this new feature, your customers can go to your personalized website with a subdomain name of your choice, securely view their account history, and make payments. You fully control which of your customers get access. You can discontinue or allow access at any time.

What do I need to do to use this feature?
Well, the first thing you need to do is go to Settings and choose a subdomain name. SimiplifyThis will create a personalized web page with your logo and address at the top. Your unique URL will be Once you choose a subdomain, whenever you edit or add a customer, you’ll notice a checkbox to allow access to this customer. Mark this checkbox and continue to save customer details. SimplifyThis will autogenerate a password and send a mail to this customer on your behalf notifying that s/he can access their account. This email will include your personalized URL, customer’s login id and password. The login id will be the same as customer’s primary email address.

What will my site look like?

The header of your site will show your logo on the left and your contact details on the right. If you have not uploaded a logo, it will show your business name in bold letters.

What can my customers do after they sign in?
Your customers can sign in to

  • see their complete account history
  • view invoices
  • Save pdf copy of invoices
  • Pay an invoice or make payment to their account
  • Change or reset their account password

Why can I not see my customer’s password?
Well, we cannot either. However, your customers can change their password once they sign in.

Can I revoke access from a customer?
Sure you can. All you need to do is Edit customer details, and unselect the allow access checkbox.

Can I keep same email address for more than customers?
You can. However, once you have given access to a customer, you cannot provide access to another one with the same email address.

I already have a website. How can I integrate my account information to my website?

We are working on certain enhancements that will allow you to fully blend in these account pages with your website.

As you can expect, there will be some work required in your website as well.
Please have your website builder contact us at and we will be happy to provide instructions on how to integrate these pages to your website.

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