Option of Second Tax for Invoices

Here is the second feature update for this week: Now you can two tax fields on the invoices that you send out.  Many of you collect 2 separate taxes and report them separately.  Well, you don’t need to bundle them anymore in a single tax field, you can now separate them out in two different fields.

However, since most of you do not need this additional field, you’ll not see it when you create an invoice or setup your default tax rate.  You would need to customize your invoice structure and enable the 2nd tax field if you need to use this.  Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Go to Settings and click on change next to Invoice and Tax Preferences.
  2. Click on Customize button under My Invoice Type to customize your invoice.
  3. Select the 2nd Tax field and enter the appropriate label for this field.
  4. Click on Save. Verify that you like the invoice structure by clicking on View next to Invoice Type.

After this, whenever you create an invoice, you’ll notice a second tax field with the appropriate label.

We are currently not providing a default rate for the second tax field.  However, if we see that many of you are using this field, we’ll do so.  We also do not have reports on tax by field, but we will provide these reports very shortly.

We do hope that our friends north of border (and many of you in the US who collect county taxes) will be able to use this feature.  Do drop us a note if you have any suggestion.

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