Packages – Why and How

Buy a 3 pack massage and save 10%, or 12 yoga classes for the price of 10, or a  Welcome Package that includes a basketball, a t-shirt and 5 group basketball lessons – you get the idea behind packages.  This functionality lets you create and sell a bundle of services, items, and classes, and then track as clients use packages to book appointments and classes.  This post goes over the key features of packages and explains how they can be used.

Key Features

The package functionality allows you to create a bundle of services, classes, and items and sell them together as a package.  Clients can then use the package to book future appointments and classes, and you can track their usage.  Following are the main features:

  1. Stuff in a package: A package can include more than one service, class, item, or a combination thereof.  For example, a gym can create an introductory package that includes 3 month membership, a fitness check exam, and two 30 minute personal training sessions.  To specify what goes in a package, while creating  a package, select the items and classes, and specify the number of units for each of them.
  2. Expiration: A package can expire. You can choose the number of days that a package expires after the date of purchase. Your clients will not be able to use the package once it expires.  Select the expiration period in Valid for field while creating a package.  You can also choose to keep a package valid for ever, as if it never expires.
  3. Duration of Sale: You can decide how long is a package available for sale.  This lets you create special seasonal or event packages that are not available after the season or event.
  4. Track Package Sales: Once you have a package for sale, you would want to then track the clients who have bought the package, and view how much have they used.  To do so, all you need to do is click on a package, and you’ll see the purchase history below, including account name, date of purchase, available/used, and a link to view the usage history.

Selling Packages

Now that you know the features of Package, and perhaps have created a package, let’s look into the more interesting part of selling it and having your clients use it.

There are several ways to sell a package. You can place a ‘Buy Now’ button on your website for each package, subtly let a client see  a package when s/he is booking an appointment or a class, or sell directly from the admin console while seeing the client face to face or placing a phone order.

‘Buy Now’ buttons: What better way to promote a package than to put a nice ‘Buy Now’ button.  Click on a package and select the option ‘Generate Buy Button’ to get the code for ‘Buy Now’ button that you can place on your website to sell the package.  Your website visitors can then click on this button, enter their information, and pay for the package to buy it.

Sell package when clients schedule appointment: As a business person, you always try to provide the best value to your clients.  If you are in massage business and a client comes to buy a single massage, you would probably suggest the saving of a 5 pack  and in turn secure a bigger sale for yourself.  Why not let clients what packages you are offering while they are booking.  To do so, all you need to do is go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Appointment Preferences’ -> ‘Rules for Website Appointments’ and select the option to show packages to clients.  Now, whenever your clients book an appointment, they’ll see the packages that have the service/class they are booking for, along with the money saving benefits of the package.  They also have the option to either select a package and use it for booking, or directly proceed with the booking without buying a package.  Of course, if you also select the option to require clients to book from package only, they would have to either select a package that they have already bought or buy a new one.

Sell package directly: In addition to selling from the website, you can also sell packages directly to the clients.  Click on the package that you want to sell, and choose the option to ‘Add Subscription’. Select the client you are selling the package, and also select the option to create a charge if you want to invoice the package and get paid for it.  Selecting the option to charge will automatically create a line item for the package that will be included in the subsequent statement or invoice.

Using a Package

Once your client buys a package, they can use it for booking subsequent appointments and classes from your website.  In addition, if you directly book an appointment for your client or enroll them for a class, you can always mark the appointment or class to be counted towards the package.

Use package while booking appointment/class: When your clients book an appointment/class, and they already have an unused packages that includes that class/appointment, the package will automatically be used for the booking.  If the client has more than one unexpired package for the item, all the packages will be shown and the client will be able to pick the one s/he wants to use.

Use package for an already booked appointment/class: So, what if you book an appointment/class over phone or using the admin screen, or the client purchased a package after booking the appointment, and you would let the client use the package retroactively.  All you need to do is select the package, and then click on ‘View Usage’ -‘Add Usage’, and select the item that you want to include in the package.

That is all for now as far as packages go. We’ll be publishing a post on FAQs about packages as soon as we get some questions from you.

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