Plethora of Phone Platforms

Recently, we saw the announcement on Palm Pre (old news, I know).  Garmin and Asus are also coming up with their own OS.  And then you have Symbian, WinMo, Blackberry with over 1 million Storms sold,  Android our favorite: iPhone. Needless to say, it is difficult for us to build installable applications for all these phone platforms,and keep them up to date with the rapid feature additions to SimplifyThis.  Luckily, all these platforms provide decent browser support.  So, we have decided that instead of building individual applications for each of them, we would instead build a browser based user interface that is optimized for the small screen.   We are impressed with Apple’s webapp framework, and that is what we are using to build this new interface.

The preliminary screens look beautiful and very user friendly, almost as good as native iPhone applications.  We are simultaneously able to test the phone interface on Andriod phones also courtsey of a friend who lent his T-Mobile G1 for some time, and are pleasantly surprised with how well it works.

We hope to make this phone user interface available within next two weeks.  I would not say much about the list of features that this interface will support at this point, but we are trying to make it fully functional for sending invoices.  I’m sure many of you will use it and enjoy it.  While we may not be able to test it on all phones, we would look for your feedback on how this performs on other phones.

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