Carnival of Home Business, 10th Edition

ferris wheelWelcome to the 10th edition of the Carnival of Home Business, hosted this week at SimplifyThis. My name is Sanjay Kumar and after working a number of years in the Small Business group at Microsoft, I’ve recently become an entrepreneur myself. I’m very passionate about small businesses and hope that you enjoy the carnival.
I would like to thank Pascal over at Start a Side Business for starting the Carnival of Home Business and allowing me to host it this week. Be sure to visit his site on Nov. 21 for the 11th edition of the Carnival of Home Business covering “What free resources can you use for advertising your home business”. If you wish to contribute to this edition of the carnival, you can submit your post using the standard submission page.

For this week’s carnival, I divided up the submissions into four rough categories, based on the content of each post: Business, Adsense/Monetizing Blogs, Advise and finally the Other category. Happy reading!


Michelle Cramer chimes in with two great articles this week: Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Revitalize Your Stagnant Business. Both are posted at The Small Business Buzz.

Kevin contributed a cool article on Working From Home: the Pros and Cons, posted on his Site Help Center blog.

Shannon Herod talks about getting down to business though planning in Turning a business into a business. You can find Shannon’s blog at: Internet Marketing.

Kim tells us what it really means to work from home in: Small Business Pitfalls, posted at Blogfabulous.

Joe Caterisano from help with everything contributes a post about the basics of eBay selling in: Make $20 an hour on eBay.

Adsense / Monetizing Blogs

Phil of Phil for Humanity posts about an interesting Adsense effect he is seeing when his blog is linked from a carnival vs. another high traffic site. See: Web 2.0 versus AdSense for the discussion.

Sushith Mundayadan presents Reasons For Getting Irrelevant Or Off-targeted Google Adsense Ads And How To Stop Them posted at Tips To Make Money Online.
In his post, Sushith offers a few Reasons that you may be getting off-targeted Adsense ads and some tips to stop them from appearing on your site.

Sarakastic of The Fibromyalgia Experiment is not exactly “in love” with Blogitive, but shares his thoughts about this advertising program in his Blogitive Review.

Azmi Mufti tells us about his Adsense income with: Finally! My $1,400+ Payment for October from AdSense, posted at Azmi M.


James D. Brausch presents Are You Being A Good Guy Or A Plain Old Procrastinator posted at


Barry Welford talks about how the internet growth has slowed down to a mere 25% growth and ponders the growth rate of Mobile web v.s. the regular web in: 100 Million Websites – How Many To Go?, posted at StayGoLinks.

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