Carnival of Home Business, 20th Edition

ferris wheelWelcome to the 20th edition of the Carnival of Home Business, hosted this week at My name is Sanjay Kumar and after working a number of years in the Small Business group at Microsoft, I’ve recently become an entrepreneur myself. I’m very passionate about small businesses and hope that you enjoy the carnival.

Before we jump into the contributions, I would first like to thank Pascal over at Start a Side Business for allowing us to host the Carnival of Home Business again.

For this week’s carnival, I ordered the contributions in order of both quality and relevance according to the spirit of the carnival. If you submitted more than one post, I chose your best contibution. Happy reading!

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John McCrea presents The Self-Employment Blues – 5 keys to surviving the dry spells posted at The Small Business Leap.

Vahid Chaychi presents The First Step to Start an Online Work at Home Business, presented at

Terry Dean presents How to Publish a Book posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Debra Moorhead presents Manager of Life posted at Debra

Ispf presents The Pros and Cons of Being a “Weekend” Entrepreneur posted at Grad Money Matters

Joshua Dorkin presents Gain User Trust with a Privacy Policy on your Website posted at Time For Blogging.

Matthew Paulson presents How to Not Make Money Online posted at Getting Green.

Alan Torres presents Choosing a Self-Help “Guru”, Site or Program, presented at Made to Be Great.

Susan Velez presents Leveraging your time, presented at The Secret To Life.

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