Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

JLP over at allthingsfinancialblog has an interesting piece about the characteristics of entrepreneurs. It’s interesting because if you read closely, you’ll pick up on the fact that not all small businesses are run by entrepreneurs. Although most entrepreneurs often start small businesses, not all small businesses are run by or even have all of the same goals as entrepreneurs.

The post calls out entrepreneurs as 1) risk takers, 2) those who know their strengths and weaknesses, 3) like to go from concept to business, 4) those who want to be their own boss and 5) that they tend to be serial business founders. Ultimately, I think you find small businesses are often started in order to take control of one’s fate or to be one’s own boss. If they are successful, they tend to ride the success and settle into a comfortable lifestyle after the business is established. And although many small business owners tend to have a few side businesses, they don’t tend to be serial business founders like their entrepreneur counterparts.

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