Improvements in Project Billing

Significant improvements in project billing in place now.  Well, we deployed these changes a few days ago. I just did not have a chance to write about them.

Let’s get straight to what these improvements mean and how you can use them.  First, now you can create projects with a fixed price  and bill your clients incrementally.  Simplifythis will track the invoiced amount and the remaining unbilled amount for these fixed price projects.  You can see the complete billing history for each of the projects -just select a project and click on ‘Summary’ to do so.

When you create a new project, you’ll notice 3 billing options: (i) Fixed price projects, (ii) Hourly billed projects, and (iii) Non-billable projects.  Select the billing option for the project.  For tracking purposes, we now have added a budget field for hourly projects also.  You can track the amount billed against the budget and see whether you would be able to stick to the budget or not.

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