Several minor new features

We have just updated our servers with several minor feature updates to Simplifythis. These features were being sought by Simplifythis users for quite some time, and we are happy to say that they are available for immediate use.  Without further ado, let me get right into the details.

  1. Sign-up using your Google account – Now you can sign-up for Simplifythis using your Google account.  No need to remember one more password.  When you sign in, just click on ‘sign-in with a Google account on the login page.  Very soon we will be providing a mechanism to associate existing Simplifythis accounts with Google account.
  2. Export of appointments to Excel – The ‘Print Appointment’ button on Appointment Book has been replaced by ‘More Actions’.  As the name suggests, you could do several things after clicking this button, including appointments to Excel. Just search for appointments that you want to export and click on Excel icon.
  3. Charge multiple appointments simultaneously – Admittedly, this has been a gripe for a long time. Nonetheless, finally it is here. Take the ‘More Actions’ route, select the appointments you want to charge, and click on ‘Create Charge’.  Corresponding line items will be created for all the appointments you selected.
  4. Invoice appointments directly – Earlier, invoicing an appointment was a two step process – first create line items from appointments, and then invoice those line items.  With this update, you can directly invoice one or more appointments.  Again, take the ‘More Action’ route, select the appointments you want to invoice for, and click on ‘Send Invoice’  link.  Now, while selecting appointments, make sure that they belong to the same account or otherwise you’ll be flagging an error message.
  5. Improvements in recurring appointments – This update also brings much needed improvements in recurring appointments, notably the ability to delete or cancel individual appointment instances.  In addition, this also fixes some of the bugs associated with time / date of individual occurrences.
  6. Record payments on invoice – This update also gives you the capability to directly add and show payments on invoices.  It is especially useful if you take prepayments for appointments and want to show the remaining balance on the invoice.  In other cases, if you want to show that the invoice is paid for, just add the payment on the invoice and it will show the adjusted total due along with the payment details.

I am sure you’ll find these features useful.  We’ll have our next major update towards the end of this month, which we are sure will make Simplifythis even more useful for your business.

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