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When I came across this post by a blogger named Phil Gyford in the UK, I knew I had to share it. Being a freelancer is hard in so many ways, that anytime there is someone willing to share so much truly valuable information about it, you can’t help but share it as widely as you can.As Phil states in his post, there are some UK-specific details and some details relevant only to web designers, but overall the lessons within hold for freelancers of all types (designer, photographers, programmers, writers, etc)

Specific things he covers are:

  1. When to start freelancing
  2. How to sell and market yourself
  3. How to be your own boss
  4. Managing the accounting, expenses, pricing and invoicing (This is the one we’re hoping to help with)
  5. How to be the project manager
  6. How to manage a variety of other things such as: client relationships, legal concerns, IT needs and all aspects of your burgeoning career.

Lets face it, being able to do all of these things well is hard. Very hard. Some of these activities are easy for some people and difficult for others, and vice-versa. The key to being a freelancer, however is to be able to do all of them somewhat well. For those who cannot do all of these things, they often find success in identifying their weaknesses and hiring out those aspects of the job.

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