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Next stepOk, it’s time for an update. A lot of time has passed since my last post and I wanted to let you in on some of our progress and some changes that have happened over the past two months.

First, we have had some changes in staff at Simplifythis.com. Regrettably, Mauro Lombarda has decided to pursue other passions outside of Simplifythis.com. We very much appreciate his significant contributions in helping to bootstrap Simplifythis.com and wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors. Mauro’s sense of humor, spirited debates and of course, his Italian cooking skills will be missed to no end. Good luck Mauro!

To help fill the void, we’ve had a number of new folks come on board since his departure and I’m sure you will hear me talking more about them over time. The bottom line is that the Simplifythis.com team continues to be strong and is more passionate than ever about delivering a world-class application in the online invoicing and payment area.

Second, we have received a lot of very valuable feedback on the beta application and have been working very hard to address it. One of the most important pieces of feedback we’ve received is that our application needs to run in a wider variety of browsers (feedback that we knew about, but received none-the-less). To that end, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time ensuring that our application works in most of the popular browsers being used today. We still have some testing and verification to do on some browsers, but we should be able to publish a broader list of compatible browsers than ever before.

Finally, I know that many of you are chomping at the bit for us to extend the private beta beyond it’s current scope. Please be patient with us as we incorporate the feedback and move the private beta forward. I guess this is my polite way of saying: “It’ll be ready when it’s ready.”

Thanks to everyone who has been rooting for us and supporting us over the past few months.

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