12 Habits to Change Your Life

Want to feel more positive about your days work and see more results? Picking just one of these habits and carrying through with it will make a profound impact on your life!

1. Focus on The Solution:
 If something is going wrong, it’s normal to focus on the problem. Running the situation over and over in your mind like a video on auto-replay, again and again – and does does not help. Redirect a your energy to the solution: focus on what you are going to do now. You can´t change what has happened, stop burning energy and look forward.

2. What’s the Lesson? 
Whenever something good happens, it is easy for us to see the lesson or the gift, or not even think about it. When something bad happens to us, we often only see the bad. Train your mind to look at the experience as feedback and readjust your course and try to see the opportunity.

3. Question your Thoughts:
 Your thoughts and beliefs are made up of all your experiences, relationships with family, friends and partners, everything you have seen and heard. They are not facts about the world. Be aware of your thoughts and if they are not serving you: ditch them! Ask yourself different questions, for example instead of thinking, I don´t have money, I can never afford that, ask yourself “how can I find a way to afford that?” Take responsibility your thoughts and choose those that serve you.

4. Focus on Joy:
 Being positive has a big effect on your day-to-day life: you attract positive experiences, feelings and interactions. Intentionally choosing to be joyful will have a profound effect on your days.

5. Take Responsibility:
 Your actions and behavior are your responsibility. Avoid looking at other people, pointing fingers: you just need to take responsibility for who you are, not the way anybody else is. The more you take responsibility for your life, actions and behaviors, the more you will be able to change it. Responsibility is freedom and empowerment.

6. Love Yourself:
 If you don’t, how can anyone love you? You are an accumulation of the past – this is not who you truly are forever. Nobody is perfect, ever, so don’t hold ideas that you need to match up anyone else. We all possess the same qualities, perhaps in different quantities. Start respecting yourself and you will feel a big shift in your daily emotions and feelings.

7. Forgive:
 Forgiveness of others and yourself can be said as the ultimate mind-body-soul detox. Freeing you from negative and damaging emotions, forgiveness stops the energy drain of resentment and guilt, shame and undeserving. Forgiveness is powerful gift you can give yourself and others.

8. Nourish Yourself: 
Often, the importance of health is not fully understood until it is too late, until we have a life-threatening disease or condition. Eating a little healthier every day and

moving your body in some way will make you feel vibrant, alive, more revitalized and ready to take on the world. Your body is a precious ecosystem: make sure it gets what it needs to survive, including sleep. Lack of sleep leads to irritability, lack of energy, negativity and anxiety.

9. Foster Your Passion:
 We all have a passion. Some just may not know what exactly it is, but hints soon appear and literally lights you up. If you cannot live from your passion, try at least to incorporate into in your life. Painting, riding, going for walks in nature… whatever it is. If you really don´t know, a professional can help you to get clear on your passions.

10. Make a Life List:
 Write down the things you would like to do in your life before you die. From the little things to the big things. Try to do at least one of those things even every few months, but even the list alone will move you in its direction! By doing things that we love, we feel more alive, vibrant and we enjoy life much more.

11. Be Present:
 Where are your thoughts? Past thoughts are normally associated with feelings of regret, shame and frustration. Thoughts in the future can be related to feelings of anxiety, apprehension or stress. Bring yourself into the present, enjoy each moment without the baggage of the future or present. The famous saying says it all… Past is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called present.

12. Gratitude:
 When you wake up or go to sleep and especially when you feel bad, remind yourself of all your blessings. Feeling grateful puts you into a state of happiness that automatically lifts your emotions. The more you value and appreciate something, the more there will be to value and appreciate.

Kirstin O’donovan is a Certified Entrepreneurship, Performance and Life Coach on Noomii.com

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