13 Ways To Attract More Customer Reviews To Your Website

When it comes to increasing your conversion rates and revenue, it doesn’t do well to underestimate the power of customer reviews. About 79% of potential customers look for customer reviews online before making their purchase. It’s not easy to

attract customer reviews, but you can achieve success by trying the following methods.

1. Offer Incentives For Reviews

Reach out to your customer and ask them to provide their valuable input. It helps to offer an incentive to push them a little, such as a fixed discount on their next purchase, a freebie, a gift certificate, or something similar.

2. Appeal To The Do-Gooder In

Your Customer

According to research by Baaarvoice, customers are compelled more by altruism than by incentives. Appeal to this altruistic side of your customers by explaining how their input will help other shoppers and your company as well. Make your customer feel valued and important that he or she is involved in making your business better.

3. Make It Easy To Provide Reviews

Make your review form easy and simple. Embed the customer’s name, email address and purchase details to save them time. Provide easy-to-answer fields so that they don’t have to do much writing. If you just provide a bare form and ask for a spontaneous review, you may put off the ones that don’t like to write.

4. Follow-Up With An Email

As soon as your customer completes a purchase, send out a followup email confirming the purchase. Send another email once the delivery fulfillment is complete. Then immediately ask for the review – don’t wait on it, do it while the purchase experience is still fresh.

5. Prompt Review Questions

It’s a good idea to include question prompts in your review form. You could list a bunch of questions such as, “Did you like the product packaging”, or “What else would you like to see in this product”. That way your customers will know what to focus on in their writing, which takes away some of the stress.

6. Ask For Yes Or No Recommendations

Yes or No answers are easy, especially if you provide radio buttons for selection. Ask specific Yes or No questions such as, “Would you buy this product again”, and “Would you recommend this product to a friend”. Your SEO benefits may not be good with this method, but you will at least get some customer input.

7. Entice Customers Reviews Through Positive Service

Aim to please through your product purchase and fulfillment service. Make sure that your newsletters offer excellent information. Send out thank you emails, confirmation emails, followup emails and so on. Ensure that your product docs are simple and easy to follow. A happy customer is more willing to contribute than an irate one.

8. Identify And Reach Out To Key Influencers

Find out who’s talking about you online on social media and in forums. These are the people influencing the purchase decisions of others. If you can convince them to be the first to review your products, you’ll win half the battle. Invite the positive talkers first, and use their reviews to convince others.

9. Ensure High Degree Of Product Quality

Give people a reason to comment positively through diligent product quality. When you meet, or rather exceed customer expectations, customers are more likely to contribute reviews. So work on your product till you’re sure that it’s worth talking about.

10. Respond To Customer Reviews

Take your customer’s input to heart and make the requested changes in your product and various processes. Then drop an email to the customer indicating the changes you’ve made based on their input. Make sure you thank that customer on your site and publish their review along with your initiatives. This is bound to impress others.

11. Invite A Group Of People To Join Your Testing Panel

Set up a testing panel and invite a few loyal customers and a bunch of key influencers to join. Provide free trials and product samples to this focus group, and get the group to try them out. Try to get this done before you launch a new product, so you’ll have some pre-defined reviews on your site.

12. Don’t Over-Moderate User Reviews

When a customer submits a review, try to publish it as is. For SEO and presentability purposes you may have to ensure editorial standards, but leave the content untouched if it’s not offensive. Customers who provide reviews don’t like to see their text heavily moderated; it makes them feel used.

13. Make It Easy To Give Feedback Online

Think of alternative ways of obtaining feedback in a more user-friendly, informal manner. Use SurveyMonkey.com to create easy survey forms and attach them to your email. Alternatively, try creating a free Facebook survey using a tool such as Questions. Make the process as informal and casual as possible.

Stephen is freelance writer working for Invesp , a website conversion optimization company that has launched the first optimization software of industry with SaaS model.

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