The Future Great Hi Speed Railway

Many important conversations concerning the aim of the American destiny and economic direction have been stimulated by Obama’s SotU address a couple of weeks ago in which he laid out his economic blueprint, detailing what James Surowiecki has termed “Sputnikonomics.” The idea is to invest government dollars into  research and development, jump starting the private sector to come up with new technologies and spots on the roster to be filled, alluding to the times when America faced outward uncertainty from Russia and “put their heads together” to send a beeping satellite into space which Eisenhower then followed up on by stringing together the nation by interstates. In this spirit, Obama has cleverly sought to put an end to the back and forth bickering and nitpicking between Dems and Reps in congress and the Senate by identifying a common outside enemy taking notes from Ronald Reagan who did the same in the eighties. Obama however has not publicly denounced an individual enemy however, but asked for Americans to unite in strengthening our economy by bolstering our forms of transportation and our developments in the tech world in order to give some of the stars their “lost” shine and some of the stripes their forgotten lustre.

Michael Boskin criticizes Obama’s decision to go ahead and revamp infrastructure investing in the Wall Street Journal on two accounts: first off there is no money to extra money to spend on luxury item investments, and secondly, if so, infrastructure investment should not be anywhere near the first choice for this type of spending because the people who need jobs after our subprime mortgage indebted recession would be those previously  involved in some way in the building and selling of real estate. Los Angeles revealed last year that the $111 of federal money allotted for the infrastructure development only provided them with 55 new jobs.

Taking these points into account, I think as Obama subtly suggests and most Americans believe; if you find a goal that enough people care about, communities come together to do their best. A common unifier has to be named that would bring the great minds of America and the world together to work toward something great. When Obama declared the need to build high speed rails that would connect the major cities of the USA several years ago, I had hoped that it would prove a worthy aim being that it inspired me with a desire to take part in its development in some way. Being able to jet by train from NY to Chicago on land in a morning is exciting. Firms, small businesses, and thinkers–does anyone have any other ventures to come together for?

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