5 effective tips for organizing your work schedule



It’s amazing how organization can improve your life and give you much more time to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Organizing your work schedule can really help you to ease your burdens and make life a little easier. Not only will you enjoy a smoother running day, but you will see that work will seem more like play once you have organized your schedule properly.

Here are 5 effective tips for organizing your work schedule to help you get started:

  • The first thing you want to look at is any areas where you could save time by rearranging or repositioning any of your work items. One example of this would be moving your file cabinet closer to your desk, or even moving the coffee maker within an arm’s reach if you spend a lot of time going back and forth getting coffee. It’s amazing how much time can be added to your day just by moving a few things in more convenient and easily accessible areas. Once you have everything set up for fast access, you will have more time to work with regarding your work schedule.
  • One of the best things you can do with regards to organizing your work schedule is to be sure you are setting yourself up for success and not failure. You can do this by making a realistic list of the things you need to accomplish and list them in an order which allows you to complete the simplest ones first. This way, you will get down your list faster and even if you can’t finish the last thing on your list, at least all the others will be done.
  • Pay attention to the times of the day where everything slows down a bit. If you are able to, you should try to schedule any breaks or your lunch period during the slow times. This will help you to be more productive during your work day.
  • You should try to organize your work schedule in a manner which makes your work tasks flow so you can move from one to the other with ease. An example of this would be taking care of all your desk tasks first, and then move on to the other tasks which have you away from your desk. This way, you aren’t wasting time going back and forth from area to area. Plus, it makes it easier for you to mentally stay focused and this means getting your tasks done easier and with less effort.
  • If you are able to make your own work schedule you should make it so it fits easily into your lifestyle. Also, you may want to leave yourself a weekday free so you can schedule all your non-work related tasks on that day. This way, doctor’s appointments, banking, and other tasks won’t take time away from your work and require you to miss any hours. By organizing your work schedule correctly you will see you feel less stress and have more time for yourself.

About the Author: Sherry Borsheim is the Author of the “Conquer Your Chaos” series, Founder of the International Association of Business Organizing and a Certified Professional Organizer. Sherry’s gift is helping busy professionals declutter and enrich all areas of their lives. Her mission is to make everyone “Simply Productive”. You can read Sherry’s blog or sign up for free organizing / enrichment tips at www.BizOrganizing.com.

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