5 iPhone Apps that Make Time Management a Piece of Cake

The well-known adage, “Time is money,” recognizes the value of time. It is the one resource that cannot be regained. It is also the resource that seems to be most wasted. People have always struggled to manage their time. Although technology has made it easier to waste time, by using the internet, it can also help us use time wiser.

In addition to our own robust appointment scheduling tool, here are five time-management apps for the iPhone that will make managing life easier.

Checklist Wrangler

Checklists are an essential component of any organizational strategy. People use them every day in life, when they create grocery lists, to-do lists or any other kind of list. However, checklists are also notoriously difficult to manage. They often get lost, and there are simply too many to organize. In some ways, a bunch of checklists is like an unmanageable herd of steers. This is where Checklist Wrangler shines. This app is a true wrangler; it is the cowboy for checklists. Checklist Wrangler can handle any time of checklist. At home it can be used to create a grocery list, and at work it can be used to help monitor a nuclear reactor. It can also create lists for today, this week, this year and even a lifetime. There are several templates people can choose for each of these lists. Once created, they can be organized and emailed to other people.


Checklist Wrangler is useful for managing multiple checklists, but having an app dedicated to grocery shopping can help ease the frustration of shopping. Of all the grocery apps available, Shopper stands above the rest. Shopper comes in two versions, a basic one and an advanced one. Basic Shopper comes with a large list of common grocery items, but it is not exhaustive. Of course, this list can be added to manually. With the advanced version, the iPhone’s camera can take a picture of a barcode, and Shopper will upload the item. It also can be coordinated between multiple people in a household and keeps users current on coupons and recalls.


Things is another list-making app that stands out from the crowd. It is designed to create lists and organize them around due-dates. Two features make this app unique. First, it has an option to postpone tasks until tomorrow. Although this might be dangerous, it can help people grasp their immediate situation. There also is a “someday” option, which is another potentially dangerous feature.


Omnifocus allows users to organize their lives across multiple platforms, as long as they are Apple devices. With it, people can manage tasks by location, person, date or project. It also can incorporate verbal notes, geographical information and photos.


ITimeSheetLIte is useful for tracking time. People may want to see where their day went, but it is really designed for professionals. This app provides an easy and convenient way to log time spent working on projects. With it, clients can be billed accurately, and professionals can focus on their work.

These five apps will help anyone become more organized. For the most part, they focus on creating and managing lists. That is, after all, the most difficult part of managing time. The best choice will depend on the specific situation.

Wayne Page writes for CNA Training Center, which helps people achieve their future dreams of working as a CNA in Arizona and other states.

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