5 Tips for Increasing Your Business Web Site’s Appeal

If you are running a business, you need a great way to attract customers. One of the more common techniques used is to attract customers through the use of the Internet. You can manipulate the content of your site to attract plenty of potential customers, but you need to keep them there once you have them. What are some ways to improve the appeal of your website to customers?

Highlight the Advantages of Shopping Online With Your Business

The best way to get customers to shop with you is to convince them that this is without a doubt the best way to go. Make sure that your customers know that they can get the same great customer service, but with less time spent shopping and at better prices.

Offer free shipping on purchases, or offer coupons for those who shop online. Even if your company is well known outside the web, it will still help increase sales and attract new customers.

Make Your Site User Friendly

This means that your load times should be reasonable and the site can be easily navigated. Offer a site map if need be to help customers find the items they want without having to spend all day looking. Customer service should also be easily available for customers who cannot find what they are looking for.

Have company contact information in case a customer would like to make a complaint, or offer suggestions to make your website easier for them. If the customer has a good shopping experience, it will make it likely that the customer will come back for more of your goods in the future, and will tell others about that experience.

Keep all Information Current

All relevant information that a company should reasonably provide should be kept current. If your company has a new address, that information should be up to date. Make sure telephone numbers and management contact information is correct.

When it comes to pricing, all prices and specials should be up to date so as to not confuse the customer. Not having correct information online just makes the company look foolish and unprofessional. Having inaccurate information can also open a company up to lawsuits and customer complaints that will generate bad publicity overall.

Flexibility of Payment Options is Critical

If you insist on making customers pay with a check, or only accept a couple of different credit cards, it is going to be hard for your customers to pay online. Offering payment options via Paypal, or allowing the use of multiple credit or debit cards will make it easier for your customers to shop with you.

If a customer feels like they won’t be able to complete a transaction, it won’t make it more likely that this customer will shop with you anytime soon.

How Your Site Looks Also Matters

Design and concept is critical for making a website appealing to customers. Do research into different color combinations, and hold focus groups to see what customers prefer. A sleek, modern design will make customers want to spend with your company and do business with you.

If a customer feels like the site looks like it was made in 1994, it might make the company seem outdated. Unless your business goes for a retro-feel as a brand strategy, keeping up with consumer tastes is going to help out.

Any company that is looking to make more money and increase revenues is going to want to have a sleek website that attracts customers. You want to make sure that you have given the customer a good reason to shop on your site, give them an easy shopping experience and then make it easy for the customer to finish out the transaction. A company that can do this for its customers is going to find that it has an easier time being successful at increasing its brand loyalty.

Syndey B. is a writer who loves to educate her readers on all sorts of topics from car insurance laws to auto insurance discounts. When she’s not busy writing, she volunteers at the recreation center teaching computer classes to senior citizens.



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