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2008 provide many shocking and puzzling headlines, but maybe none as curiously devastating as the news from Iceland that the economy had totally imploded. A country of not much more than 300,000 inhabitants that had been thriving financially by developing an “invisible” infrastructure that relied on investments—capital that existed only in theory. When economic woes beset the rest of the Western world, Iceland plummeted hard because their success had been absolutely contingent on the well-being of others. The devastating crash gave rise to many discussions and considerations in Iceland about the state of the country and principles in general. A noteworthy enterprise—a private equity fund—has appeared as a direct result of this crash and bears the name Auður Capital.

Several women who had been working as investors prior to 2008 decided that the banking world severely lacked more feminine values, postulating that the machomaniacal pursuit of capital had ultimately been at fault for the global economical crisis. Auður Capital aspires to enlist feminine values (and the networking services and support of the exquisite singer/artist Björk) in helping establish young women in particular, and everyone in general, in their business ventures.

They have chosen several woman centered guidelines by which they will abide in order to do their part in deconstructing the negative male aspects currently driving the market:

-Risk Awareness (Auður Capital vows not to invest if they feel they can’t cover all of their bases—investments are no blind leap of faith—that is best left to Danish philosophers).

-Straight talk (Promising not to dance around sensitive issues or gloss over perilous loopholes, Auður Capital promises to give the straight dope: downsides/upsides/goodsides/badsides—all in simple and straightforward language).

-Emotional capital (investments are not shifting around a bunch of toy money, hoping some of it will eventually land “the big one,” but involve people’s dreams and aspirations—something that deserves more than the study of a graph but an emotional investment).

– Profit w/principles (profits can be made not only monetarily, but socially and environmentally as well).

Along the lines of Einstein’s definition of insanity (“doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”), Auður Capital have chosen to do business differently. Their goal is not to badmouth men necessarily, just to offer an alternate model of conducting business. Besides, anyone with whom Björk is worth taking a closer look at (

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