Beyond the Ad: Venturing into Google

Beginning with the simplest goal of creating the best possible search engine, Google has risen from its humble and rooted origins to new intergalactic realms to shape the way a whole generation thinks and acts. Google is most likely responsible for the current most prevalent shared human activity: googling.  Constantly expanding their grasp and repertoire with new pursuits and projects that range from digitizing the phenomenal world to providing voice mail forwarded directly to your inbox, Google has directly influenced the business world from its earliest stages. By compelling businesses to buy up as much virtual estateas possible—both in Ad space and in search results—which Google presides over, businesses have benefitted from keeping an eye on wherever Google’s giant steps are taking them.

In the last year Google have quite literally ventured into business pursuits using more traditional approach: investment. Promising to provide over $ 100 million a year to startups in the fields of “Consumer Internet, software, and mobile — but…[also] human anti-body discovery [and] smart grid platforms.” Google provides their resources and assets—not only virtually but also physically.  The mentioned anti-body discovery group which is a branch of the New Hampshire biotech firm Adimab is headquartered at Mountain View on the Google Campus with a plenitude of Google resources available to them, while able to maintain a distinctive separation from Google that comes in the form of private servers.

One of the more noteworthy aspects of this development is Google’s commitment to making small time seed investments along with the grand sum late-stage investments. Having the support of the “Internet’s” very engineers can come in quite handy in propelling your business forward. Google is systematically attempting to forge human connections with Google ventures in encouraging their employees to invite entrepreneur friends and acquaintances into the fold in order to foster growth.

The people Google has and is continually looking to strike up working relationships are “teams of ambitious, bold, passionate entrepreneurs…as excited about building disruptive companies as [Google is].” The most noticeable word of that sentence would have to be “disruptive”—and I think that’s what might be the most attractive feature of Google. They swing for the fences every time they step up to the plate—and we can be pretty sure that Google Ventures will shake things up a bit. If you  are involved in some entrepreneurial endeavor and happen to know someone working for Google, you might want to make a phone call.

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