Cleaning Your Way to Improved Productivity

If your productivity at work needs a boost, why not try this common sense trick: clean your office! That doesn’t just mean tidying your papers. Cleaning goes deeper, and its one of the most Zen things you can do for yourself at work. Having a hygienic and organized office not only allows you to locate things and work efficiently, it also provides a calm and stress free work environment. Whether you work from home or an outside office, have a happy work environment and avoid falling ill by following these simple steps for maintaining a clean office.

Five Simple Steps to a Cleaner Office

1. Take a look at your trash bin

Working in an office generally means there are armfuls of paper waste created daily as well as post it notes and scrap paper. By the time the end of the day rolls around your desk may look like something out of a preschool. The best thing to do at this point is clear it all into the trash bin to allow for a fresh start the following day. Throwing rubbish out at the end of each day will ensure you never have to deal with months worth of paperwork to sort all in one go and it will become much easier to find important documents quickly. Avoid throwing food scraps into your office bin, they often don’t have lids and could attract unwelcome visitors or create an unpleasant smell. Instead throw food waste into the kitchen or outside  bin.

2. How hygienic is your work space?

Everything looks reasonably clean, but is it? Do you share the phone, computer, or even a stapler with anybody else? It’s common knowledge that germs and illnesses spread faster in an office than fire through a bush. We’re all touching and sharing the same equipment as passing bacteria from one another continuously throughout the day. Although this can’t be eradicated completely you can lower the risk of infection and create a more hygienic workspace by keeping some antibacterial wipes in your drawer. They are easy to whip out and give your desk, pens, keyboard and whatever else a quick freshen up. This is especially important if you have a shared office. Hand sanitizer is also great to keep on your desk.

3. Electrical equipment needs cleaning too

So everything is starting to look clutter-free and that is great, but there is another major part of the office that needs attention. Computers, photocopiers and just about anything electrical needs regular cleaning too. Dust build up in computers causes them to overheat which could eventually result in a short or even a fire. Take the time to dust your electrical devices to prevent losing any important computer documents or the evacuation of your building!

4. Call a professional

Keeping desks clean and keyboards wiped is a good step in the right direction but some areas will still need to be thoroughly disinfected and scrubbed on a regular basis. A professional cleaning service will be able to take care of this by regularly sanitizing kitchens, bathrooms, windows, trash bins and just about anything else that needs to be cleaned. They can also restock toilet paper and towels for your office and usually work after hours to avoid disrupting the work space. Do your research before hiring an agent and ensure they come highly recommended by other businesses. Be careful with trying to save money with a professional cleaner, pay a cheap price and risk receiving a cheap job.

5. Make a habit

There’s no point following these procedures if it’s going to become a yearly ordeal; instead make organization habitual and part of your daily routine. Imagine never having to look through mounds of paperwork for that missing document again? Work focus is important but so is balance. Start with small changes and work from there, for instance you could make a rule to clean your coffee mug and put it away as soon as you take the last sip or always shred unneeded documents immediately instead of leaving it for the following day. Before you know it, office clutter and germs will be a thing of the past.

A clean and tidy office is a healthy and productive office, take the time to achieve a good cleaning routine and you and your co-workers will be well on your way to enjoying a clutter free work-life!


Author Bio: Jessica is a writer who frequently blogs about cleaning workplaces. She writes for OCS, a commercial cleaning company who offer a full range of services from pest control to washroom hygiene.



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