“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too,” is a famous quote attributed to Scottish explorer W.H. Murray (and often mistakenly Goethe). It appeared in his book: The Scottish Himalayan Expedition (1951). In it he describes the role commitment plays in accomplishing one’s dreams.


Success has many ingredients, but certainly the main one is commitment

Do you ever question your own level of commitment in driving your business forward? If you suspect that your level of commitment waxes and wanes consider the following tips:

Tie your business goal to personal goals

Tying your business goals to personal goals will help you to stay motivated, and committed to the accomplishment of them. When outlining your goals on paper  also write down what the accomplishment of the goal will help you achieve personally. For example does the achievement of your business goal allow you to spend more time with your family, or avoid having to get a job working for someone else? Tie the two together on paper.

Recommit. Often.

Very often people write down their goals, yet fail to accomplish them. While writing down your goals is an important first step. Actually accomplishing them requires committed, sustained action over a period of time. Keep your goals in sight. Regularly look at them, see if you are feeling as committed as when you first set the goal. If not, recommit yourself. You may need to do this every day.  Remind yourself of the reasons that you originally set this goal, and remember too how the accomplishment of this goal will impact your personal life.

Get over your fear

Most people associate commitment phobia with romantic relationships. But people who fear commitment usually see it play out throughout their entire lives, including in their work lives. Don’t be fooled, you can own a business and also be commitment phobic, but your fear will hold you back in driving your business to the level you desire. Committing to anything usually requires you to pass up other possibilities. If you are committed to starting a business, then you are likely passing up other career channels. Choosing one marketing approach involves forfeiting other approaches.

Dedicating your time to the pursuit of one thing, often rules out the pursuit of many more things. This is to many the down side of commitment. If you are afraid of the very concept of commitment, then there’s a chance that you are not committing to the level that you need to be truly successful in business. The first step in overcoming commitment phobia, is recognizing if you have it. In his book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living, author Laurence G. Bold  helps readers to identify what’s holding them back from their life’s work. He lists  9 of the most popular “reasons” why people might not want to know what they want to do in life including a fear of commitment. Have a read and see if fear could be blocking you from committing to your goals, and ultimately standing in your way of success.

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