Creating Brand Evangelists

Did you know that 2,654,717 people love Starbucks Frappuccinos.  And not only do 2,654,717 love to drink Frappuccino’s but they love to discuss how refreshing, delicious and magnificent they are.  How do I know this information, you may ask? Recently, Starbucks created a Facebook page specifically for their Frappuccino drink, and the activity has been monumental.  Millions of people from all over the world meet up on this Facebook page to talk about their favorite flavors, and ways to drink the beloved treat.  They share photos and tell stories and make recommendations of new variations to try.  With Facebook costing zero to participate in, all this marketing is virtually free, creating amazing return on investment for Starbucks Corporation.

You see, Starbucks has created brand evangelists – people who love a product or service so much that they can’t help but rave about it.  Brand evangelists are a company’s dream.  Having brand evangelists means that you are providing stellar service and in return get word of mouth marketing that is priceless.  And with the influx of social media use, brand evangelists can mobilize is ways never imaginable before, which is exactly what Starbucks has done with their Frappuccino beverage.  Given, Starbucks is also a multi-billion dollar corporation with a strong brand presence all over the world, but these same principals remain true for even small businesses.

Whether you are small chiropractic office, a personal trainer who is working for yourself or a message therapist with a small number of clients, you still have a brand.  Your attitude, environment, office space, billing and scheduling procedures, and everything else a client will experience are your brand.  And if a client’s brand experience is a good one, they will let others know.  Think of your current clients as low hanging fruit.  They are the easiest resources to tap for business development because they are already using your services.  Here are some tips for creating brand evangelists out of your current clients.

-Provide incentives for using your services.  If you are a personal trainer, maybe it is a buy 5 sessions, get 1 free.

-It’s all in the details.  Providing little perks create reasons for a client to keep coming back.  Maybe you keep healthy snacks and free water in your waiting room, or send birthday cards with a $5 coffee gift card to all your clients.  Think of things that your clients won’t expect you to do, that go above and beyond.

-Start a refer-a-friend program.  Get clients talking about your services to their networks of friends and family by offering incentives if they refer your services.

-Get feedback.  Ask clients to fill out a short survey or suggestion card explaining how they perceive your services.  The information provided can help you make changes to create a better brand experience.

-Mobilize.  Start a Facebook fan page or testimonial section of your website, to share your positive brand experience with others.

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