Small wellness businesses need to think long and hard about how they spend they’re hard earned dough. You want to draw customers into the business to raise revenue but at the same time, it’s important to avoid spending too much money on advertising at first. It’s for that reason that you need to adapt your advertising budget to fit a smaller business. Your needs are different than a large business and you must adjust accordingly.

Here are some tips for drawing a crowd without spending too much revenue:

1. Offer Incentives in All the Advertising That You Do

Advertising is important. In my home town of Columbia we have a holistic magazine that many wellness businesses advertise in. The key is to stick out and one of the best ways to do that is to offer an incentive for customers to try out your business. For example, one massage therapist offers the first 1 hour massage for $40, a low enough price that most anyone can afford to come in and try it. Another idea is to offer a free trial visit if you’re a wellness business so that the customer can make sure that they like the services before investing too much money. These are all great ideas but it’s also important to carry through on the deal. Even if the initial visit is free, the customer needs to be treated as if the service was full price or the point of the deal is lost.

2. Utilize the Customers That You Already Have

Your customers already know and trust you so you want to make sure that you appeal to them. Create special deals for your regulars to keep them coming back. Consider presenting new products and services to them first. For example, if you’re starting a new type of massage therapy, present it to your oldest clients first and get them excited about the service. You could also announce new holistic treatments or products at your yoga studio in this manner. Your regular customers are always the ones that will invest the most capitol in your business and they should be treated as such.

3. Newsletters Are Crucial

It’s important to use your newsletter to advertise whenever you can. Customers get excited about newsletters if you put interesting ideas in them and it’s a great way to promote your small business. Promote your e-mail newsletter on your blog and social media profiles. A monthly newsletter is one of the best ways to keep clients in the loop within their wellness community. But the problem with committing to doing a monthly newsletter is having the material necessary to fill the pages. It’s important to include information that will draw in the reader and keep them coming back for more knowledge. And while it’s important to include events, workshops, and schedules, additional information establishes your business as a resource.

Offer print out coupons and incentives in the newsletter. Interview your customers and put the interviews in the newsletter. Each month here at we offer tips for what you can put into your newsletter if you run short of ideas so that you don’t start repeating yourself. Keep a sign-up sheet and a printout of your most recent newsletter issue near the cash register.

4. Offer Contests

If you have a yoga, pilates, or tai chi studio, offer challenges. If your students come a certain amount of times in a month they get a week free. Or even a certain amount of times in two months and they get two weeks free. This is especially helpful during the months of the year that you know business is light. If you have a wellness business like acupuncture, massage, or personal training, you can offer a drawing for free services where customers read your newsletter and enter through your website. Contests are a great way to keep customers interested.

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