Yoga studio owners know that one of the best ways to keep clients is by establishing a yoga community within your studio. It makes your clients feel like their yoga studio provides more than just yoga classes, but rather, a sense of belonging and a place that they can turn to for support in their yoga journey. A monthly newsletter is one of the best ways to keep clients in the loop within their yoga community. But the problem with committing to doing a monthly newsletter is having the material necessary to fill the pages.

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It’s important to include information that will draw in the reader and keep them coming back for more knowledge. And while it’s important to include events, workshops, and schedules, additional information establishes your studio as a resource for yoga information and a place where budding yogis can turn.

Five Ideas for Your Next Yoga Newsletter

1. Pose of the Month

Include a pose of the month and make it personal by including an image of one of your teachers doing the pose. Explain how to get into the pose in detail and include three alignment cues so that students know what they’re doing. Include a blurb on the benefits of the pose and variations as well. If the pose has contradictions include those as well. Choose poses that fit with certain portions of the year when possible. Like twists during the equinox to symbolize a detoxification period and heart openers when the weather is cold and gloomy to show ways of avoiding depression.

2. Highlight a Teacher
This is a great way to introduce students to all of the teachers in a studio so that they feel comfortable going to a variety of classes. Outline the style of yoga the teacher prefers, their favorite pose, background, and favorite activities outside of class.

3. Whole Foods Vegetarian Recipes

Yoga is a way of life and eating healthfully is part of the journey. Including healthy whole foods recipes is fun and it gets readers involved in do it yourself wellness in the form of cooking. While not all yogis are vegetarians, mostly all yogis eat vegetables, so for that reason I advise that you choose a vegetarian recipe. This way you won’t offend the masses. Choose organic recipes that are made without the use of any processed foods.

4. Meditation for the Busy Bee

Include simple meditation techniques for busy people that way it’s not too intimidating and mostly all your readership will be capable. For example, as , for those that just can’t find time to devote hours a day to meditation, try a few more traditional options to help you relax and rejuvenate throughout the day. Following your breath is the most utilized means of meditation in the world. It’s present in all sorts of organized religions as well. Start by sitting for at least 15 minutes, without moving, in a silent place. You can choose a different technique each month.

5. Introductions to New Styles of Yoga

People are often really interested in knowing about the different forms of yoga, so the newsletter is a great opportunity to introduce students to a wide variety of yoga forms. For example, talk about more modern yoga trends like Acro Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, or Anusara. This won’t work as well if you studio specializes in one kind of yoga but for Vinyasa Flow studios and other non-specialized studios, it’s very interesting.

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  1. Thanks for the article Rebekah! I’m writing my first newsletter for my yoga business and it really helped unstick me!

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