Heartbreaking Endings or Brilliant Beginnings?

We all wish for the answers. To our lives, to our businesses, work, challenges, relationships. The fact of the matter is that if we had the answers, there would be no experience, challenges, or failures that come from growth opportunities.

Have you found yourself immersed in the energy of the summer Olympic Games? The brilliant wins, the heartbreaking defeats: there is nothing better than a world-wide athletic competition to draw from when considering: where do beginnings end and endings begin?

You may consider the loss by your favorite swimmer or cyclist the end, while the win would have been the beginning of something grander: a recognition of their hard-fought physical and mental strength.

And, yes, while we all love shiny things to put on display, a loss in the medals-round to your swimmer means that choice lays ahead: what can they embrace and learn through this? What changes can they make with the new data that they have gathered in the international arena?

  1. Gratitude:  Win or lose, it is a spectacular feat to make it to the Olympic games and it’s not an experience most people get.  In your situation: what do you have to feel grateful for?
  1. Fear: It is completely understandable to fear change. It’s new! We don’t know what’s on the other side! Embrace the fear-feeling and know: it’s what comes with playing a bigger game. Now give yourself a round of applause!
  1. Connect: It is your job to choose to see the change and figure out what you are supposed to learn. It is a lot easier when you have a team of cheerleaders who share your values and who understand you and will give you valuable support and feedback.

To all of the medalists, competitors at the Olympic Games (and also the players in their own games of life): there is hope in change. Though the process can be disenchanting at times, aiming for your truth gracefully moves you from ending to beginning.

Think of a growth opportunity that you are facing and give fear a big hug. What can you be grateful for? Who can you connect with? What is your truth?

Like the athletes winning and losing at their life’s work: what can you embrace and learn through this? What changes can you make with the new data that you have gathered?

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