How Helpdesk Software Can Benefit Your Online Business

Online companies may be at a disadvantage compared to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses when it comes to customer service because there often is no face associated with the company. Clients are forced to make contact through the Internet, or over the phone, so finding a way to make the experience smooth and easy is important. Helpdesk software can aid in this, as well as other problems online companies may face.

Customer Service

Helpdesk software is adaptable to many different business situations and can expand as the company grows. It can help provide better customer service in a variety of ways.

  • Solutions – Customers can find answers to questions on their own, without engaging a customer service agent from the company. The software will create a central data base of knowledge with information from previous issues which can be used by clients to seek solutions. A forum can also be created in which customers help each other. If an answer cannot be found in either of these manners, a patron can e-mail a query to the business and get a reply from an employee.
  • Hot issues – With the data base collecting information, employees are able to monitor any hot button issues that may be arising and can then address them in an appropriate manner.
  • Reports – Customer satisfaction can be easily measured through feedback given on the site. In addition, the software can monitor how long it took to find a resolution and present findings.

Technical Help

Helpdesk software can also assist online companies with solving problems within the organization. The system allows information technologists to react faster to a crisis.

  • Efficiency – Techs are able to work more efficiently for several reasons. Fellow employees can e-mail their requests, which can be answered when the tech is available and not in the middle of another job. The system can also prioritize tasks in order of importance, letting the tech know if any other jobs can be completed in the current area. It will also prevent tasks from being overlooked.
  • Information gathering – Just like the data base for customer service, helpdesk can keep information in one, easily accessible location so techs can quickly solve any reoccurring problems.
  • Assignments – Reports can be created on how much time is spent on trouble tickets. This can also help automatically assign tasks to the appropriate technicians. Due dates can also be assigned automatically.

While specific information can be gathered over the telephone, helpdesk software can organize it better and make it more accessible. It can often make workers more efficient and provide better customer service. The biggest roadblock for many companies is the cost factor. There are free versions, while paid ones can run into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. The advantages it can provide must be weighed against the cost of having it installed and employees trained to use it.


This guest post was written by Sarah Peterson on behalf of a website that compares helpdesk systems. Sarah believes businesses need to keep up-to-date with the latest technological advancements by installing appropriate software to help them run more efficiently and increase productivity.

  1. Help Desk Software can boost productivity across the company as well as increase customer satisfaction. Choosing the software package that is just right for your application is very important. Once you have determined that your company is ready for this addition, it is time to start doing research. Begin with addressing what your needs are and what you would like to see handled differently and streamlined. Make certain that the software your are contemplating can handle any special requirement you have. For instance, if you have global customers, can that software handle the languages your customers may speak? What reports will you need? The software options can vary as much as the company’s using the software.

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