How Pinterest Benefits Freelancers

If you’re not on the social media hot spot called Pinterest, you might want to reconsider. Freelancers in particular might be curious as to how the site can benefit them. Even though this site may seem like another Tumblr, in reality it can be very beneficial to you and your business and not to mention very different from other social media platforms. It cultivates inspiration, allows you to create a portfolio, and builds your reputation as a freelancer.

Find New Clients and Cultivate Creativity

Since Pinterest is all about “pinning” pictures from websites you like into folders that you’ve created on your Pinterest profile, it’s easy to save pictures from articles and sites that you want to remember. Think of Pinterest as an excellent storage space that you’ve never had before. If you’re a writer the folders are great for cultivating creativity. If you ever get writer’s block you can hop on Pinterest and look at the inspiring photos. You never know what ideas could pop into your head to write about.

Pinterest is also excellent for finding new companies that are pinning as well. Perhaps they are looking for a freelancer and are new to the site. Connect with them and exchange info and you never know what could take place. You may become their next social media specialist or you may make contacts that can get you in touch with other people for future opportunities.

Build a Social Media Presence

Most freelancers desire to build a social media presence, and unlike other social media sites, Pinterest creates an easy way to gain credibility: through pinning. If you’re having a hard time generating traffic, pinning often can generate more traffic to your Pinterest boards. Hence there will be more clicks on the links, through the pictures, that you have pinned. This puts the power in your hands to pin what you want your audience to see and click on.

One example is to advertise your skills through a portfolio of your work. So continue to pin what matters most to you. This will show clients that you enjoy building a social media presence and interacting on the web. It will also give you more credibility as a freelancer as you continue to make yourself known to future clients.

So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and start pinning. Before you know it you’ll have many boards that inspire you, new potential clients, and you will be building a social media presence simultaneously. You never know what doors pinning on Pinterest could open up for you.


Sierra is a freelance writer for She’s currently obsessed with Pinterest. Check out her pins on her Ocean Dreams boards.

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