While small businesses and entrepreneurs are often heralded as being pivotal in securing long term economic growth, many are finding it difficult to support themselves during these austere financial times. This

is only to be expected, as consumer sp

ending continues to diminish and an increasing number of independent firms find that they are unable to sustain a viable profit.

With this in mind, it is becoming increasingly apparent that small business owners and entrepreneurs must think creatively if they are to sustain their individual ventures. More specifically, it is crucial that business leaders are able to diversify and create new revenue streams in order to ensure the required levels of profit.

Three Ways to Support a Business in the Current Economy

Time is often in short supply for small business owners, so any attempts to boost revenue or income must not interfere with the day to day running of their venture. Regardless of the need to add revenue streams and strengthen the financial performance of a business, the everyday needs of the firm and its staff must be prioritized if it is to achieve success. Consider the following:

Diversify your Business Model and Income Stream: Often the key to boosting revenue lies in the diversification of an existing business model, so that an organization to earn additional capital without making wholesale changes. For example, online retail outlets may wish to consider partnering with similar independent ventures and selling affiliate products, which earns an agreed commission per sale item. This instantly creates a new and profitable stream of revenue, without the need for significant restructuring or time consuming brainstorming sessions.

Maximize Profit Through the Application of Technology: It is important for any small business owner to carefully evaluate the fiscal performance of their business prior to making any significant changes. There are different causes of financial issues–from a failure to maximize profit to high levels of turnover–and each problem requires an entirely different approach. The integration of technology can be extremely effective in both minimizing costs and saving time, and subsequently creating far higher profit margins. Consider using cloud based software packages to outsource on strategic work as a viable practice, as this allows for the development of a flexible work force that can be employed only when required.

Building Personal Wealth as a Business Safety Net: When a business enters into administration or files for bankruptcy, every asset associated with it becomes vulnerable. This is why it is crucial that business owners strive hard to create their own individual wealth that is separate to their commercial ventures, so that they can support themselves or their business during hard financial times. With this in mind, business owners should consider developing passive streams of income, as these require little direct action and allow for money to earned over a continued period of time. Consider investment in property or becoming an independent financial trader, depending on the level of capital that you are willing to commit outside of a business venture.

The Conclusion

There is little doubt that small businesses remain vulnerable in 2012, as many struggle to either sustain a healthy level of turnover or maximize their subsequent profit. With time also at a premium for small business owners, it is important that they think creatively and pay attention to their own earning potential if they are to drive their venture forward. Without this commitment and willingness to adopt forward thinking financial measures, small business leaders must face the prospect of a bleak and harsh winter.

Author Bio: This article was written by L R Humphries. If you are interested in entering the open financial market and embracing the intricacies of foreign exchange trading, then visit an online broker today.

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