How to Relax While Starting a Business

Starting a business is no easy feat, and it can wreck havoc with your nerves and stress levels. I know this firsthand, as I launched a startup while simultaneously completing my bachelors degree in entrepreneurship.

It was extremely stressful, but fortunately I figured out several ways to get plenty of work and studying done without having a nervous breakdown. I found ways to make time for myself to de-stress, unwind, and reassure myself that “everything was going to be OK.”

I’m glad I did this, because as soon as I was able to get my stress levels down my work and study efficiency dramatically increased, allowing me to perform much better work, focus on growing my business, and reach a level of success that I am proud to have achieved.

Here are 5 tips on how to relax while working a highly stressful job such as starting your own business:

Schedule Fun Time

You know the old saying “work hard play hard?” It rings true, and it really isn’t a bad motto to live by. No matter how time consuming or exasperating your job may be, make time each week to do something you truly enjoy. This could be playing tennis with your buddy or going to the spa with your girlfriends – whatever it is, make sure there’s a place for it in your weekly schedule.

Take “Snack” Breaks

Doing things in “snack” sizes has become a very popular practice in the workplace and you should easily be able to fit “snack” breaks into your workday. This involves taking a couple of minute breaks every hour or so to do something non-work related. This could be playing a game online or browsing a funny website for ten minutes of every hour that you have worked. Breaking up the work day even in such simple ways can help make your day more fun and far less stressful.

Take a Hike

Studies repeatedly show that being fit can help increase your production at work, so why not go for a stroll during your lunch hour? Perhaps there’s a local park you could walk over to or if not try just walking around the local neighborhood. Make it more fun by enlisting a work buddy to tag along with you or listen to your favorite tunes on your iPod as you stroll. A gentle walk at midday will bring fresh air into your lungs and help you feel reinvigorated for the day’s remaining tasks.

Reduce Distractions

When you’re totally stressed out at work, multiple distractions tend to further amp up the anxiety. Get rid of any potentially stress-inducing distractions by turning off music, stop browsing the internet for non-work related reasons and turn off the TV if there’s one near your desk. Silence can really help you get on with your work, and complete it a lot more quickly.

We all get stressed out at work from time to time, but if you incorporate the above suggestions into your work place you should be able to combat stress much more easily in the near future.

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