How Your Businesses Can Fully Utilize Your Websites’ Blog

If you have a blog on your website, you have an arsenal of resources just waiting at your disposal. Blogs aren’t just a way to keep in touch with your customers and let them know about new products or services, but they can also help position you as an industry expert and even offer SEO benefits to your website.

Curious about how one page of your website can offer so much punch? Read on to discover the benefits that blogging has to offer.

Supplying fresh content

Having a blog off your website’s domain ( is an ideal way to keep your website updated with new information. Instead of having to change the content on your home page or any inner landing pages to add fresh information, writing a blog post once a week (or more if possible) is a good way to update your website’s content. Because search engines like fresh content, blogging regularly can provide an added SEO benefit as well.

Driving traffic to your website

Blog posts are considered highly sharable content. Sharing your latest blog post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or other social networks makes it easy to disseminate information across several platforms and share it with others who might be willing to keep sharing your information. People who are reading these posts on social networks are essentially being driven back to your website to read the full post. In addition, if you include links back to your inner landing pages in the blog posts, you’re creating another opportunity to invite visitors to relevant pages of your website.

Building a strong internal linking structure

Search engines like websites that feature strong internal linking structures. By writing posts on your blog and linking back to key landing pages using the appropriate anchor text (your keywords), you are further proving that page’s relevancy for your selected keywords, which will provide an additional SEO benefit.

Giving your customers what they want

Use your blog as a platform to tell your customers information they want to know about. If you offer digital marketing services, update your blog regularly with industry information and analyses of how new changes will affect marketing tactics. If you sell street legal electric vehicles, you can use your blog to update your customers on new laws or regulations that might have just passed, or give them information about proper safety techniques and injury prevention.

Your blog’s visitors are viewing you as a source of information about your industry. Update your readers with important information and make sure they realize what makes you stand out above your competition. Use your blog as a way to position yourself as an industry leader, keeping your consumers updated on anything important going on in your industry.

Managing your business’s reputation

If you notice an issue with one of your products or hear of people complaining about services you offer, use your blog as a way to manage your reputation online. Address conflicts head on and let people know how you are working to resolve any issues. You can also use your blog to solicit feedback about a new product or service offering, or ask people to tell you whether they enjoyed a new event you recently hosted. This offers an additional way people can get in contact with you, other than just your contact information on your home page.


Amy Moczynski works for 352 Media Group, a web design and digital marketing agency with locations in Tampa, Gainesville, and Atlanta.

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