How Your Website Can Improve Your Customer Service

Website conversion rates are one of the most important aspects for any e-commerce business. These rates are crucial in determining profitability, and success in online conversions depends largely on your customer experience. So how do you ensure your customers are happy with your website?

Website design
The design of your website has to be logical, clear, easy to navigate and overall generate confidence so your customers feel they can trust you. Customers are highly unlikely to purchase from a website that doesn’t have valid contact details. At the very least, you need a phone number and an address. It is also a good idea to include links to your Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Remember that if you are using these platforms you need to be regularly engaging with your customers, so ensure that this is factored into your customer service strategy. In short, do anything and everything you can to make sure your customers know that there are real people on hand to help them when they need it.

Response speed
In this fast-paced online age, customers expect an immediate response to any question raised. While this may be difficult to manage, it is vital that you have a proper system to deal with these communications. Emails need to be answered quickly, phone calls followed up instantly, and social media platforms monitored closely. CRM is key here. Handle your customer communications successfully, and you are on the road to success.

Customer complaints
Not every customer is a happy customer. This should not be viewed negatively as it presents you with an opportunity to really put your customer service skills to the test and fix problems. The best way to manage a disgruntled customer is to keep in close communication with them regarding how you are fixing their problem. They need to feel reassured that you are working hard to resolve the issue so aim to use every communication channel available to you. Organization and forward planning are once again crucial here, so make sure you have a robust CRM system in place to manage all communication channels.

Your website should also include a privacy policy that explains different aspects of the shopping process. Included in this should be details on the shipping process, the returns policy and when customers can expect their delivery. By stating this prior to the item being purchased you are managing expectations, and reducing the amount of customer questions that could arise in the near future.

Social optimization
Social media can be an extremely effective way to share information, and it’s important that your website harnesses the potential it offers. Social media can attract customers to your website and then help them share their experiences of your business when they do arrive.

Adding social features like a “tweet this” button to your website will help visitors share your brand online, and even encourage customer service success stories to spread. The reputation of your brand online is crucial in attracting customers and harnessing online conversions.

Your website is your business’s online shop front. Working to make it as accessible and reliable as possible will help to keep your customers happy and therefore keep your sales pipeline full. Organization, transparency and integrity should be at the heart of your customer service strategy, and therefore of your website strategy too.

Will Vicary is a digital marketing specialist whose interests include CRM solutions and online customer experience, as well as online lead generation. He is specifically interested in CRM insurance and cloud technology.

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