Outsourcing has evolved considerably as a business practice in recent times, as advancements in remote and cloud based technology have optimized its efficiency. Once exclusive to IT and web design tasks, it now has a far wider business context and has allowed firms to develop a cost effective, flexible work force. That said, small businesses must still be discerning as to which individual tasks and projects that they outsource, especially if they are to retain control of their costs and core commercial vision.

Outsourcing and Creating a Flexible Work Force: Things to Consider

It is crucial that you give careful consideration to the tasks that you choose to outsource and those you keep in house. Remember the following:

  • Separate Strategic from Non-Strategic Tasks: In terms of controlling your venture, it is crucial that you focus your attention on strategic thinking and the individual tasks involved. Strategy is pivotal in determining the course of your business, so outsourcing any tasks related to this will ultimately undermine your control. Instead, you should look to outsource the time consuming, non-strategic tasks that are associated with running a small business such as administration, human resources and payroll. With these in hand, you can devote your time to steering a clearly defined and well plotted course.
  • Evaluate the Time and Money Implications of Each Task: Another thing to consider is the nature of each specific task or role, as this has a direct impact on the size of the work force that you employ. Your firm may only sporadically require design or marketing services, for example, which means that employing full time staff to undertake these is a significant waste of company funds. The purpose of outsourcing is not just to promote flexibility within the workplace, but also to minimize your costs as

    an employer and small business owner.

  • The Burden of Management: Once you have determined which tasks require outsourcing and which do not, it must be remembered that the operational processes involved still need to be managed. As a small business owner this can be a significant drain on your time, especially if you lack a clear structure or the requisite technology to undertake remote communication. If you do commit to outsourcing as a way of reducing overhead costs or optimizing the efficiency of your in-house staff, then take care to ensure that you have the necessary tools to complete work efficiently and on time.

The Bottom Line for Small Business Owners

Although outsourcing has grown incredibly popular as a cost and time saving business tool, it can also have a negative impact if it is not managed correctly. If distributing work on behalf of the company saves you money but not time, then you will run the risk of diminishing your businesses output and losing sight of any longer term aspirations. So for outsourcing to work and improve the overall efficiency of your independent venture there must be careful consideration given to the logistics and cost implications involved.

Author Bio: This article was written by Lewis Humphries on behalf of complex search. To discover more about the intricacies of credit scoring and banking, visit the organization’s website today.

  1. Awesome post Rebekah! I’ve been in the outsourcing business for almost 2 years now and my main focus is to hire somebody who knows what he’s doing and not those types of freelancers who always say “yes” when they’re asked if they can do the task. So hopefully, someone can refer me a good freelancer someday. By the way, do you know an outsourcing site who offers high quality workers and has a time tracking software too? I heard of Time Doctor mentioned many times on different forums, most of them said that it’s a good software. Do you know other software similar to this? Thanks Rebekah! Looking forward to your answer.

  2. Great post Rebekah! we are also in the outsourcing business. your article is really helpful for me.I would like to give a special thanks to share this innovative post.

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