Overcoming Isolation When Working From Home

We love the flexibility and the ability to define our own hours when working from home. However, there are some disadvantages. One of the most common problems is feelings of isolation or loneliness. Here are some tips on how to deal with this.

Stay connected

In these days of Twitter, Skype and instant messaging, you can get in touch with your friends and colleagues at any time. Having online friends who share your interests can keep you motivated. Apple’s FaceTime allows you to talk with anyone on a Mac or an iOS device such as the iPad so you can catch up whenever you want.

Don’t let it become a crutch, however. You need to limit the amount of time you spend chatting. If a friend wants to chat for an extended period during working hours you will have to be honest with them and schedule some time to get back with them later. If you are tempted to spend too much time on the social networks then you may want to install Anti-Social for Mac or Freedom for Mac and PC. These turn off the social parts of the internet until you reboot your computer.

Yet you may feel better and less isolated just knowing that you have a social network on which you can rely. Just the knowledge that you’re not really “alone” can help you feel less lonely.


Like the other social parts of the online world, forums can serve the dual purpose of not only easing isolation but allowing you to network and promote your business. Again, however, you should not spend too much time on the forums, nor should you rationalize that your activity is for business if it is really for pleasure.


There are a number of excellent podcasts you can listen to to help you feel more in touch with the outside world. There are podcasts available on the Mac, business, and practically any specialized interest you can think of.

Go for a walk

You want to avoid the feeling of being chained to your desk. There are no water coolers at home around which you can congregate. There are no colleagues in the next cubicle with whom to talk about sports or the latest movies.

You need a break from your day — something that can take your mind off of work for a while. Perhaps you have a park near your home or a walking trail that can make a lovely place to walk. You can walk with a friend or by yourself. Getting the circulation going is the most important thing. You can even listen to your favorite podcast loaded onto your iPod, so you can keep up with events and feel less isolated at the same time.

Change locations

You may get bored in your home office. With your Macbook, you can always take your work with you. Perhaps you would prefer a bite out to eat and to get a little work done at the same time. Or you could go to the local coffee shop and get some work done there. Sometimes, just a change of scenery and having other people around will help you feel less isolated

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