If you’re a regular social media user, the chances are you’ve heard a lot of buzz about Pinterest. Launched in March 2010 as a social media Web site that allows you to store and organize links and images for free, it has rapidly gained a substantial following.

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Averaging 11 million hits per week by December 2011, it has been the go to spot to share and comment on images as well as search for creative and artistic inspiration.

I personally discovered how useful and fun Pinterest can be after enjoying a wonderful weekend relaxing one of the best Las Vegas spas. I wanted to share some of the fantastic spa treatments I experienced as inspiration for other travelers and found Pinterest to be the perfect outlet. After I “pinned” several images taken from one of the spa’s Web site, I quickly got many comments and “re-pins,” which I’m sure gave some people the incentive to book some of the same treatments I so enjoyed.

However, when you first begin using Pinterest, it can be a little daunting. Setting up your profile can take a little longer than other social media Web sites and the feel and style of the site can take a while getting used to.

Therefore, here is a quick and easy step by step tutorial of how to set up and use your Pinterest account:

Request an Invitation

Pinterest is by invite only, which you request by visiting their homepage Pinterest.com. At the top of the homepage you will see, “Request an Invite,” which you then click on and complete your request by filling out your e-mail. My approved request didn’t reach my e-mail box until several weeks after I applied, so you may need to be patient! Alternatively, you can ask a friend to invite you. Those invitations are sent instantly.


Once you receive your email acceptance, you can then register on the site. You have to sign up via your Facebook or Twitter account, so make sure you have one of these accounts set up beforehand. When you register via these accounts, all of your friends and followers on here will automatically become users that you follow on Pinterest. If you don’t want to follow these members you can easily stop following them by clicking the “unfollow” tab.

Download “Bookmarklet”

When you have officially registered, you will be sent an e-mail with a link to download Pinterest’s “Bookmarklet” app. This app will allow you to easily drag images from links and “Pin” them onto Pinterest. Although you have the option of extracting images manually, generally Bookmarklet makes this process much easier so you will most likely want to download this app. The app will be called “Pin It” when its download it complete.

Start Pinning!

Once you have downloaded your “Pin It” app and saved it to your favorites or dragged it to your toolbar, you can “Pin” images with just one click. When you come across an image you like online, simply click on your “Pin It” tab and then you will given the option of what to call your pin and where to pin it. After you have filled these options out, you will have completed your first pin!

Organize Your Pins

You can just store all of your pins under one board but most avid users usually make multiple boards which they categorize. If you have one folder that is predominantly hairstyles you could call it “Hairstyles I Love” for example. This generally makes it much easier to manage your pins and also utilize them more effectively.


While it’s always fun to create your own Pins, part of the allure of Pinterest is being able to browse millions of over users’ boards and Pins. If you come across a Pin you really like and would like to see again, you can “Re-Pin” it to your board. You do this by simply clicking on the “Re-Pin” button above the image. You will then be given the option of under which board you would like to place it and you also have the option of giving it your own title as well. Once you have re-pinned it, it will then automatically appear in the board you “re-pinned” it to.

Comments & Likes

You can comment and like other peoples “pins” by clicking on the “comment” or “like” tabs you will find above the image. Just be aware that every Pinterest user can view these, even members who you don’t follow and who don’t follow you. Also note that you currently can’t delete or manage the comments that other people leave on your Pins. However, you can remove the comments you leave on others profiles and also delete your Pins, Re-Pins and Boards.

As you can see, getting well acquainted with Pinterest can be somewhat of a lengthy process. You will definitely want to invest an hour or two to set up your account and to become familiar with how to get the most out of this fun social media site. Good luck!


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