Productivity 101: The List (and The Best New Tools!)

The to-do list gets a seriously bad rap. They even sound boring. Tew. Doo. And some times you can let your to-do lists take over your life like King Kong in New York.

But this only proves that, The List, like with most powerful things, comes with great responsibility.

The List, dedicated to an area of your life or work, turns the chaos of things in your brain to order. It is then your responsibility to action the list!

For those of you who are believers of The List, or who want to try out some new tools, here are our favorite list management tools!
Coach Amy Voros says “use as a brain dump/15 minutes of rambling and then paste the non-linear thoughts into a word document,

sort and highlight things to get them into a list.”

This great information management system lets you keep notebooks of information captured from various sources. Notebooks can be used as category holders for project lists or find your own list management style!

Swap out the word “List” for “Board” and you have a visual list making tool! Using Pinterest’s boards and the ability to “pin” images that represent actions: *voila* a list solution for non-linear thinkers!

By having great list-making tools, now you can practice your list-making skills!

Move actionable items, ideas, and clutter out of your brain and onto a list: you will be amazed at influx of ease and efficiency in trying to get stuff done.

Having trouble getting to the list or moving forward? Maybe it’s time to check out what working with a coach could do for you!

About the author: Cynthia Gunsinger is the Communications Director of and a Vancouver area life coach. See her full profile.

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