Raving Fans will help you Grow your Business

Hands down, the best approach to marketing and growing your business is through your relationships by turning customers and people in your network into Raving Fans.


Your customers will sell for you better than you can sell yourself:

  1. They’ll tell you how you’re different
  2. They’ll tell you what problems your product solves
  3. They’ll tell others about you
  4. They have access to a network of people you may not
  5. They have credibility within your market now, that you must earn over time
  6. If they’re really happy with your product or level of service, they’ll likely tell someone else


The concept of the Raving Fan isn’t new; chances are you’ve read about it in a book, seen it referenced in blogs or consider the notion of remarkable customer service just plain common sense.  No matter, it’s the sensible foundation for growing your business and, while we may all be aware of it, where the rubber hits the road is in our ability to put theory into action.


As chief marketer for SimplifyThis it’s up to me to figure out HOW.

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