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The great paradox of the Internet: There are billions of people out there, and none of them cares about what you have to say. At least not until you get their attention. Those quiet seconds of interaction between you, your brand and the consumer is a mystical interval wherein that consumer decides based on a baffling series of circumstances whether you’re worth listening to.

In the Internet age, those seconds can manifest as a higher ranking in search engine results. User experience (or UX) is how companies can make certain they maximize the value of their web presence. Just a decade ago, a business might have had an advantage by simply having a website. Now, almost all businesses have websites and other links to the Internet and many business successes can be measured not just by the quantity of traffic and money generated, but by the quality of the experience their customers or clients have when they visit their website.

Video and SEO

From a purely search standpoint, videos have risen in importance over the past several iterations of the Google algorithm. Getting people to a landing page is the easy part (depending on who you ask), but keeping them there is a bit harder and Google rewards a higher notch in the search engine results to domains that hold on to their visitors, even if it’s just for a few seconds. As a result, videos have become a de rigueur facet of SEO because they can captivate users quickly and hold on to them longer than landing pages that greet visitors with a wall of text.

Videos and SEO aren’t exactly strange bedfellows. When Google began indexing videos in search results, there was a movement to create specialized video content and upload it to Youtube (also owned by Google, if you remember); this would ensure that Google indexed the video and make that video a potential SERP.

Mixed SERPs are a bit more complicated than that now, but time spent on the landing page is still an important factor in ranking and videos are the marquee vehicle for visitor retention.

All Interacting Is Good

User experience metrics haven’t always been easy to pin down, but increasingly sophisticated analytics software has brought UX to the foreground and made those metrics available to the scrutiny of everyone. The result is information we can use to see how much time people are spending on sites and how they’re spending it. What we have seen is that key landing pages on a domain that feature short videos retain visitors longer and generate more interaction in the long run.

What type of interaction? Sometimes visitors will navigate to the domain’s Youtube page, or click around the domain to investigate it a bit more. No matter what those interactions are, each of them signals to the Google algorithm that there is content here that is interesting enough to evoke a response. In other words, any interaction is good interaction.

Pulling It All Together

Ultimately, using video as a way to capture the attention of people visiting your landing page is a small piece in a marketing machine that should include email marketing, social media campaigns, pay-per click efforts and good, old-fashioned, creative organic SEO. Ultimately, you are the master of your destiny, but a few hints on the road to fate can’t hurt, right?

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