SEO for SMB: 5 Ways to Increase Visibility



In today’s competitive marketplace, having a highly visible online business is important. One way of achieving this is by having a website. As you may know, the number of online visitors is often very low if your website has not been ranked high by the major search engines.

In order to increase the number of visitors, owners can learn how to optimize their websites with the purpose of obtaining a high rank by the search engines. With that in mind, owners need to understand and implement search engine optimization or SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process of optimizing the internal and external elements of the website for the major search engines. After optimizing, the search engines crawl and index each page more frequently. As a result of optimization, the opportunity to be visible on the first page of the search results increases.

Five Easy SEO Techniques

1. Enrich content with relevant keywords and keyword phrases

From a SEO perspective, content is still king. Other than adding fresh and timely content regularly to the site, enriching it with relevant keywords is necessary. Website owners should know which keywords and keyword phrases their targeted customers are most likely to use when searching for products or services.

Additionally, business owners can perform searches using keywords and phrases they think potential customers in their target market use. To get a good idea, they can also uncover what keywords and keyword phrases those highly ranked competitors use by performing test searches. With relevant keywords and keyword phrases, the website has an increased chance of receiving a higher ranking in the search results.

2. Create compelling page titles

Titles will be used by the search engines as the titles of the lists in search results. Add the most important keywords to the titles of each web page. Placing keywords in the beginning of the title carries more weight than placement at the end. With a compelling title, users will likely click on the link in the search results.

3. Create effective descriptions for meta tags

Often, a meta tag description can be found below the title in the search results. Having an accurate and keyword-rich description is effective to make the title stand out. When users see their keywords in bold, it attracts them immediately and they usually click on the link.

4. Give title and description to images

Search engines are not able to read images, thus it is important for website images to be titled. Additionally, the description should be added to the “alt” attribute or tag. The description will be most effective to help the search engine index it if it is sprinkled with relevant keywords. Furthermore, websites should be constructed in hypertext markup language, or html, instead of flash format. Search engines are not able to read a website designed with flash.

5. Create inbound links

Google’s rankings in the search results are based on relevance and authority. For instance, when the website is added to a prestigious website as a link, Google will see this link as an indication that the website is highly relevant. The more inbound links the website has, the higher it will be ranked in the search results. By creating relevant and excellent content, many high-authority sites will include links to the website in theirs.


With due diligence, these five strategies can be implemented to increase the chances of your website being highly ranked in the search engine results. When this goal is reached, your website will be highly visible and traffic will increase.


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