Staying on Track with Planning

Since you, as your own boss, have no one looking over your shoulders making sure you are staying on task, it is imperative to create plans that will do so for you. Trying to run your business without planning is like going to the grocery store without a grocery list; you don’t even know where you should start. You can make great strides in managing your time better by following these five pieces of advice, allowing you to run your business with clarity of purpose and vision.

Daily Planning for Entrepreneurs

  1. To help keep your business on track, plan out your own work schedule in a way that fits everything in and prioritizes your tasks. Once you have a visual of when you will be doing what, all that is left is to do it—the easy part.
  2. In planning, start with the big picture—say the agenda for the year or the month—and then plan the details—your days and weeks. Always keep in mind when you are planning your days where you want to be at the end of the year.
  3. As you flesh out your plan, prioritize your tasks. Inevitably you will find yourself stretched for time and behind on projects. If you determine beforehand which projects should take precedence ov

    er others, you won’t find yourself at a total loss, but will have an idea of what’s most important to get done and can start chipping away at that. See point 4 of a previous post where I discuss prioritization in more detail.

  4. Space and time don’t only have a unique interrelationship in physics, but also in your life. By organizing your workspace according to categories of your business—keep all of your marketing materials, your financial paperwork, and your schemes and ideas in another—you will be able to divide your time according to your duties and save valuable hours in the meantime.
  5. Take fifteen to thirty minutes every day to re-organize your organization. This might sound a bit silly, but experience tells us that order inevitably leads to chaos, and all of your well structured calendars and offices will start to get messy with the workday. Make sure you are keeping  things in line as you are working and  not when you are knee deep in your own disarray when untended bills are scattered across your desk and you are not sure if you had or hadn’t rescheduled that sales call.

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