Team Building to Take Your Company to the Next Level

At one point or another, maybe now, your small business may require the help of others to continue to grow. This may be a huge decision as hiring a staff member requires what amounts to a substantial investment for many small businesses. Having quality employees in a company has long been one of the secrets for being successful.  I have had the opportunity to work on both innovative engaged teams and uninterested stagnant teams.  It is amazing how much money a company wastes when they have individuals that aren’t vested into the success of the organization.  It is also interesting how a few influential team members can be cancerous to and entire team, department, and company. When it’s time to hire, follow these tips below to ensure that you are on the path to success.

Hiring the Right People

There are many reasons companies have bad employees. The most common reason is hiring the wrong people.  Many times, I have seen employees that have the talent and intelligence to make a significant contribution.  Most of the time the reason these individuals don’t work hard is they think they are underpaid.  The fact of the matter is they figure they aren’t going to put in 100K effort when they are only making 45K.  The big problem is they want a significant raise before they put in the maximum effort.  In business, it never seems to work like that.  Normally, a boss or manager needs to see an outstanding contribution before they will consider a significant raise.

A Matter of Attitude

There are ways to make sure you hire a team that is going to take the company to the next level.  The first thing I look at when hiring an employee is their attitude.  Do they seem like the kind of candidate that is going to do everything in their power to make a difference on a daily basis?  If not, there are probably better candidates to be interviewed.  Learning a skill set or trait can usually be picked up on the job.  The guy with the good attitude may not be the most qualified, but will do the most long-term good for the company.

Monitoring Performance

After you have hired your team, you need to think about how you are going to monitor their performance.  The most important thing is to have clear success metrics in place.  It is also wise to have those metrics public.  That way, employees can see how the stack up against their coworkers.   A new form of performance monitoring that has been gaining popularity in the last few years is 360 degree feedback. This gives you the power to get input from everyone that works with an employee.  Many times this type of analysis will have the boss, coworkers, subordinates, and suppliers fill out a survey that has questions about an individual’s performance.

Hiring a quality team is definitely one of the main ways to ensure company success. Hiring the wrong people at an early stage will lead to failure. Be smart about it, and don’t settle. Follow these additional tips for finding the right people for your small business, at the same time, consider your own role in how you will manage your employees. Good luck!

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