The Best Time Management Techniques

When you run your own business, exemplary time management skills are essential. Here’s a guide to keep yourself on track to finish your tasks in a timely fashion.


Do you make a 30-minute phone call when a text or an email will do? Do you spend time having conversations over email or text when a simple phone call would suffice? If so, you need a communication overhaul.

Try setting aside time in the afternoon specifically for making and returning phone calls and answering emails. While you’re working on other things — such as finishing up that big presentation or researching data for a new project — make the phone and the web off-limits.

Can’t resist? Keep your browser and your phone turned off and stow your smartphone away from your desk. Out of sight — out of mind!

Outsourcing Key Tasks

You have no doubt calculated that your time is better spent growing your business than performing essential-but-non-growth tasks such as those related to accounting or website management. You’re not an SEO services expert, so why try to pretend you are? Do yourself a favor and hire an Internet marketing company for those essential website analytics tasks.

Similarly, you’re not an accountant. So why bother wasting time figuring out the latest tax laws or how Quickbooks works? Get yourself a professional who does so you can spend the time growing your business.

The math works like this: say you spend five hours every week working on website maintenance tasks such as updating content, evaluating keywords and figuring out how many of your visitors became paying customers. If you charge more for your product than in costs to outsource that service, then hire a contractor, pronto. Then, apply that time earning new business. More time for you, your client is happy and you’ve improved the economy by hiring out. Everybody wins!


Work When You Work Best

Ask yourself, when do I feel my best? If it’s in the morning, then chances are you’ll be most productive then. Plan your tasks for that time of day and watch how effective you are. Same goes for afternoons and weekends. The key? Consistency. Get in a routine and your body will adapt to it.

Make sure you avoid your time-wasting triggers during your scheduled work time, and don’t forget to schedule in some much-needed down time as a reward for your hard work! Just remember, if you waste time during working hours, you just used it up. And that’s a guaranteed path to stress.

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