The Mayo Clinic Launches a Meditation iPhone Application

You’ve just got to love this. Meditation is going mainstream and here’s a prime example of it. Last month the Mayo Clinic, one of the country’s premier healthcare institutions, introduced the Meditation Application for iPhones and iPod Touches

. The new app allows busy people to enjoy all the benefits of meditation in their everyday life. And for specialists in holistic medicine and yoga, this is one more tool that you can recommend to your patients that takes a modern and fast-paced perspective on the ancient art of meditation.

 It Takes as Little as Five Minutes a Day to Meditate

For the busiest of clients with too many balls in the air at one time and trouble focusing, the app is a great tool in your wellness toolbox. In as little as five to 10 minutes every-day, the meditation application allows you to take time to re-center and find that inner balance. Fans of the new app like busy mom Anne Marie Gullickson, say that while she may not feel any different at first, throughout the day, she notices a sense of calm, peace, and awareness. Her to-do list seems a little more manageable and she feels like she can face her day without feeling stressed.

Mayo Clinic Dr. Amit Sood developed the application after four years of research. For Dr. Sood it’s a combination of what works in meditation updated for the most progressive of patients. Musical chords combined with visual imaging make for the perfect meditation environment.

Dr. Sood is one of the many medical doctors realizing what holistic health practitioners have known for years, meditation works. And you can fit it into any part of your day. Buy the meditation app here

. If you have it already, let me know what you think of it. Does it work? And are there any other wellness apps that you’re currently using?

 Meditate Without Electronics

If you don’t have the new IPhone application that doesn’t mean that you can’t meditate. For those that just can’t find time to devote hours a day to meditation, try a few more traditional options to help you relax and rejuvenate throughout the day.

1.       Following Your Breath

This is the most utilized means of meditation in the world. It’s present in all sorts of organized religions as well. Start by sitting for at least 15 minutes, without moving, in a silent place. It’s usually best to meditate in the early morning. But whenever you can fit in time is fine. Close your eyes and begin to follow your breath. Every time that you get lost in thoughts, go back to your breath. And don’t judge yourself when you begin to think and plan. The more you meditate, the less your thoughts will take over.


, become mindful of every step. Take a walk outside and as you walk count to four on the inhale and eight on the exhale. Having a longer exhale slows down the entire nervous system and blankets the body with calming energy and serenity. As with seated meditation, if thoughts take over, and they will, go back to the breath and you’re counting. Continue to do this time and time again as you lose your focus. You’ll be amazed with the results. You’ll find yourself enjoying the moment more often rather than constantly being trapped in your thoughts.

These are some of the easiest and most basic ways to teach busy minds how to slow down because meditation is really the foundation for all kinds of holistic wellness practices.

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