The Three Components to Building Your Personal Brand


In this day and age, though education, experience and ability are all still important to employers and businesses, there is a new dimension to your qualification: a Personal Brand. Whether you are starting your own company, or trying to establish yourself in your current workplace, building yourself up to be noticed has become increasingly important. Below are the three most important factors to building a dynamic, sustainable brand that you can maintain and grow over time.

Be Yourself

Everyone has their own unique talents, gifts and qualities. Sometimes it is difficult to identify these in you, and particularly in others, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. The first step to building your Personal Brand is to really know yourself. Though this may seem like an exercise in philosophy or religious analysis, what is meant here is more practical. What are you good at? Are you a people person, pet person? Are you artistic, a problem solver? The list can go on and on, however this is what you need to identify before you can start to build your own brand. Once you do find what you have to offer, stay true to that, and continue to be honest with yourself and those around you. Commit to what you believe about yourself, and be confident that you can find people or businesses that will be interested in what you have to offer.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

We all know plenty of people, some are nice, others are not, some are supportive and vice versa. As you endeavor to promote yourself and your own brand, make sure the people that you choose, yes choose to spend your time with will enable and not discourage your vision. Choosing wisely is extremely important, you need to evaluate your friends, your colleagues and maybe even your family to make decisions on who you want in your support network as you try and establish yourself. Growth will always be one of the main goals of your Personal Brand, so make sure you are surrounded by individuals that promote and allow you to spread your wings.

Build Your Target Market

Whether you plan to sell jewelry from home or want to take over a Fortune 500 company, you will need supporters and allies. Look for like-minded people at work, at play or in online forums, blogs and talk/interact with them. Not only with this help reinforce the vision that you have for your own brand, but it will help you grow a base of supporters who may want to buy or support you and your goals. In conversations, face to face, on the phone or online, you will also learn what others have to offer as well as what people other than yourself want, and are willing to get behind. Getting involved in social media is a great way to help you build this aspect of your brand, but make sure that your content is promoting what you want, and not alienating you from your target market.

Building your Personal Brand can be the difference between living in obscurity in a dead end job or living your dream and being successful. Your brand will take time, hard work and perseverance to build, but if you base it on yourself, good support and an audience that appreciates you, the sky truly is the limit.

Meriel Anderson is a blogger and writer who has reaped the rewards of building a great personal brand. For further details on how to be successful in career and life, she recommends checking out Jay Cataldo, the best life coach NYC has to offer. Thanks for visiting!

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