The Time Saving Guide For Busy People

Most of us feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. This is especially true if you are in the tech industry. Chances are you really don’t have enough time everyday to do all the things that you are trying to do, at least not the way you are doing them. However, there are things you can do to be more efficient in spending your time.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

One of the most time consuming tasks for webmasters and bloggers is to constantly be engaged with their community and followers via social media. If you are doing this on multiple social media sites and are doing this on your own, then you will have very little time for anything else. However, using SMM tools can help drastically reduce the time you spend on these sites by helping you manage different aspects of all these sites from one convenient place. Make sure you pick the best social media monitoring tools for you because they are not all the same and different ones are better for different people depending on their needs.

Hot Keys

With any job or task there are going to be things that you are going to have to do repeatedly. Using hot keys ( QuickSliver for Macs and AutoHotKey for PCs.) can automate these processes. With the press of a single button you can get your computer to do multiple actions much faster than you could have ever done them manually. The only drawback is that there is a bit of learning curve and it takes a few minutes to set up.



Like most people, you probably get too many emails every day. It’s time to clean up your inbox so that you can spend less time weeding through all your emails looking for the important ones and be more efficient with your email time. If you use Outlook there is and Gmail has its own built in filters. Add things that are really of no use to you to the filters so that they never even end up in your inbox in the first place. The emails will still be there so you can open them if you need to but this way they won’t clutter up your inbox. Start using these filters and make adjustments to your filter settings as you go. You will start saving a lot of time on a daily basis just from not having to delete them manually, not to mention all the unnecessary distractions you will be avoiding.

Using The Internet

Multitasking is a myth. John Medina, the author of “Brain Rules” says: “To put it bluntly, research shows that we can’t multitask. We are biologically incapable of processing attention-rich inputs simultaneously.” The problem with the internet is that it is always inviting us to do something else along with whatever else we are doing right now. Most people are ok with this because they convince themselves that they are multitasking. Each time the brain switches between one task to the other, you end up losing a little bit of time and this can start adding up really fast.

So learn to turn the internet off. If you are doing something that can be done offline then disconnect from the internet. Not only will you save time by not being distracted, you will also find that your work is of higher quality because you were able dedicate your entire mind to a single task for a longer period of time.

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