Three Ways to Save Time Creating Quality Content

by Darlene ‘Dee’ Bishop

Marketing your business online requires a continual stream of quality content that attracts readers to your website or blog. But as anyone who runs an online business probably knows, creating content that

‘s worthy of reading and enticing is a challenge at best, and nearly impossible at times.

To alleviate some of the stress of crafting content your readers want, and save yourself hours of time in the process, try these simple ideas for easier, quicker content creation:

Compile Content from Other Sources

One way to create quality content for your blog or website is to gather information from a variety of other sources and compile it into a totally new article. You never want to copy text word for word, of course. That’s plagiarism. But using ideas with proper attribution is perfectly acceptable. In fact, most authors will be thrilled if you share their ideas and concepts as long as you give them credit.

Simply search for your topic idea online, visit some of the reputable sources you find and compile the various tips and data into a summary article that not only shares common knowledge but that offers your own individual insights on the data you’ve shared. Simple. Time saving. Thoroughly effective.

Start with PLR

You can also use private label rights (PLR) material as a springboard to create a new, original article that provides the quality your readers want. Never, ever, never use PLR without editing it. But it’s perfectly acceptable to either use a PLR article for idea generation (which is your best option), or edit it until it’s not recognizable and fully passes Copyscape.

Like others have, you may find it’s a lot easier to use PLR as a tool to get you thinking about what to say rather than trying to change it into something original. Unless you fully rewrite an article, you may find that Copyscape and other plagiarism checkers still find snippets of similar content.

Instead, read through the article, then quickly write about what you’ve discovered, learned or remembered in your reading. That way, you don’t have to worry about it not being original. And you’ll find that in most cases you can write a new article faster than you can try to edit another one to make it unique.

Buy Content that’s Ready-to-Publish

Ideally, creating your own original content is the best way to go. But when time is short and you know you need a new article or blog post, you can always download ready-to-publish (RTP) content from a reliable website.

RTP is much like custom writing that you hire someone to write for you. But with RTP, it’s already been written so there’s no need to wait for a writer to create your article. And with RTP, you buy full rights, including the copyright and the right to add your own byline and link at the bottom. Unlike PLR, however, RTP is sold only once and you know you’ll be getting fully original material.

There are others ways to generate original content, of course, some

of them relatively quick and easy. But these three tried and true methods for creating quality content will save you time and ensure you have the content needed to keep your blog and website visitors coming back again and again to see what you have to say to them today.


Darlene ‘Dee’ Bishop is a professional writer with over 30 years experience crafting ready-to-publish content, PLR, and custom articles for online businesses.

  1. If you describe and draft any content in your own words taking just idea of others is the best way to get your content copyscape free.

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